Monday, June 20, 2016

An Open Plea

Folks, even though things have slowed down a but in the information department for this blog, I still get an occasional e-mail...the following is an interesting one:

This is probably a long shot but my mother-in-law's father used to sing on the radio in Little Rock. His name was Merrill Lemuel Dinger. He played the bones and sang. I was wondering if anyone has any archive of old radio programs so music. This was probably in th 1930s.

Can anyone help Elizabeth, please?  Feel free to contact her direct at her e-mail....

Monday, May 9, 2016

The Warehouse, New Orleans, LA

Many of you no doubt remember all the ads for The Warehouse concerts over Beaker Street.  Their website is still under construction and is bigger and better than ever!

All new pictures, more mp3s (even a new one or two from Beaker Street that we provided for them, for historical purposes!) and MORE!  Their memorial project is one worthy of mentioning, too.  Let 'em know we sent you in the comments section, will you, please?

Bud S. (

Friday, May 6, 2016

1090 Coverage Maps

Thanks to Doug Virden for this link to different stations' radiation patterns on 1090 kHz AM; too bad KAAY's isn't still "there":

I remember a story by one of The Greats mentioning that the lady who either programmed or owned the station in Nashville, TN called KAAY one early morning and DEMANDED that they change their night-time pattern immediately, because it was interfering with their station coverage locally.  As the world turns (pun intended!), it would be several minutes before the station would automatically switch from the night-time to the day-time pattern, from daylight in Nashville to daylight in Little Rock.  Whoever she talked to refused to change things just to suit her- KAAY was well within its legal limits.

Also, in my opinion, you can't fool with the nature of the atmosphere and how it affects radio waves.  That's another subject entirely for another time....

Thank you, Doug!

Bud S. (

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Memoirs And Memories

Folks, I have some rare time off and an evening to myself that I'm not totally worn out and in bed-yet- but it's near time for dreamland, since I have an 18-hour day to work tomorrow....

Nonetheless, I'd just gotten off the phone with "Steve Scott" (Steve Morris) minutes ago and he mentioned gathering "stuff for posterity" so his family can enjoy him when he's gone.  Steve is 69 years young now and is chock-full of memories.

I've mentioned this to David B. Treadway and a couple of others that they need to jot down some notes of their memories; it doesn't have to be fancy prose or edited for each little detail.  Just MEMORIES for someone to enjoy.

So, I have a challenge for all The Greats out there.  Get a tape recorder or a CD recorder and a decent mic, turn off the TV, maybe put some music on, low volume, and start recording your memories.  I don't care if you ramble on and if there are rabbit trails, as long as the memories flow!  Make sure your family knows where these tapes or CDs are so they can go back and listen to your voice and memories for a long time to would be a gift they would cherish forever.

(CD or other digital media will last MUCH longer than tape.)

And if you want, please put down your radio memories and get in touch with me; we'll put them here, in your own voice, for everyone to enjoy.  And keep it family-friendly!  Please?  Pretty please?

Bud S. (

Monday, April 4, 2016

Ear on Arkansas - The Ear Year 1968, Side 4

OK, we're winding down...had enough yet?  We hope not, because the players of "Ear On Arkansas" have one more side for you!

"Theater of the mind"... was what radio created.  Ah, nostalgia- and the spicy images the players of "Ear On Arkansas" provided!  Steely wit, sharp comments, barbed comments all skewered the intended targets!  Can't you just see their targeted objects squirming in their chairs one minute and laughing at themselves the next?!?!?  Matters of public interest were brought out in the glaringly satirical light with nowhere to go.  As it mentioned in the album: "KAAY stopped counting lawsuit threats years ago, since it's too time consuming."  I wonder if any of those threats were brought?

Nonetheless, we must push on and steel ourselves for more rib-splitting laughter at the expense of "Ear On Arkansas'" targets...thanks again to Greg Barman for getting these tracks down so we could get them here for your enjoyment:

And one more picture, in memory of my friend Jerry Sims, posing with his own red album from 1967.  Without Jerry's prompting and my wife's assent to scrimp & save for the trip, much of this material- and newfound friendships- would have not been possible.  Thank you, Jerry and the Sims family- and thank YOU, dear reader and visitor, for giving us the forum to allow us to share these sometimes rare and hopefully well-loved memories!

Thanks, Greg!  Job well done!  And THANK YOU, Tony Meyer, for your donation for the blog!  Ever so grateful!

Bud S. (

Monday, March 28, 2016

Ear on Arkansas - The Ear Year 1968, Side 3

OK, did you have to take a break?  Are your sides sore yet?  Wiping tears of laughter away?  Side 3 is about to begin!

A. J. Lindsey commented that people other than on-air staff got involved with "Ear On Arkansas"; I'd done a short search, but didn't come up with any off-air names (they may be hidden elsewhere on his blog, or in the memories of others.

We have one more inner flap picture for you: the table of contents!  It also lists the KAAY staff at the time of the album's creation.  Some you may be familiar with, others not...but they were ALL important in running this top-notch station!

So, gather your breath- take a couple of deep ones- hold your ribs and let your imagination run with Side 3...roll it, Greg!:

Thanks again to Greg Barman for getting these tracks down for everyone to enjoy!  Don't touch that dial, Side 4 up next!

Bud S. (

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks is Now "On the Air"!

Our Blog's own Barry Mac, creator of "Tin Can Alley," has started a new weekly show, "Flashback Tracks"!  Here's what Barry had to say about it:

[It's] another weekly show that's more along the lines of Beaker Street, ...  currently airing on an Internet stream provided by Cumulus assistant engineer Daniel Appeloff, under the call letters of KDNQ.  ...  It will only occasionally feature some of the audio from the KAAY transmitter tapes, but I thought you might be interested anyway. 
Well, we definitely are interested! The first edition of Flashback Tracks is right here:

You will also find Flashback Tracks posted every week in the right column of the Blog, next to Tin Can Alley. 

 Thanks, Barry, for all the entertainment!

 ---Dave S.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Ear on Arkansas - The Ear Year 1968, Side 2

Appetite whetted yet?  As mentioned before, "Ear On Arkansas" was a weekly feature; it had been on the air Sundays at 11:30 and 5:30 (I suppose AM and PM, respectively), as mentioned in the album.  I'd never been able to hear it directly, that I remember, as the skywave only started to come in at dusk into Mobile, AL.

Not only did they poke fun at political figures, but other things as well.  However, both sides of the political aisle have accused "Ear On Arkansas" of being downright communistic or far-right wacko- of course, coming from opposing camps.  Nonetheless, the players of "Ear On Arkansas" were equal-opportunity offenders!

To be sure, KAAY and its staff got the idea from CBS' Arkansas affiliates "Eye On Arkansas", which was somewhat of an expose` program.  "Ear On Arkansas" surely chafed quite a few rear ends, while providing howling entertainment for its listeners.  Here's one more picture, this time of the inner flap, outlining some of the escapades and history of "Ear On Arkansas":

Once again, thanks to the audio efforts of Greg Barman, here is Side 2 of "Ear On Arkansas":

Stay tuned for Side 3!

Bud S. (

Monday, March 14, 2016

Ear on Arkansas - The Ear Year 1968, Side 1

Many of you remember "Ear On Arkansas"...still others remember the "Ear On Arkansas" red album from 1967.  I have one that was given to me by one of The Greats, "Charlie King" (Charlie Scarbrough), that still has the plastic wrapper, albeit opened, and Jerry Sims' family has another  A. J. Lindsey's family has the only other one I know of.  I'm sure more exist.  For those who don't remember, here's are pictures of the red album from 1967:

It was said that this weekly feature, since 1964, was some of the funniest satire, often poking fun at Arkansas political figures.  It was also mentioned by some of the greats that, when the comedy team got stumped, they often called Howard Watson (a "Ken Knight"), who was able to whip something up in as little as 15 minutes.

Tony Meyer, friend of the blog, sent me a rare treat awhile back- sadly, I'd put it on the back burner while other material had been coming in and my own life got in the way.  (I've been working two jobs for three years and have only had time for a little rest or leisure time.  But that's no excuse!)  At long last, we bring you the 1968 "Ear On Arkansas" "blue DOUBLE album"!

Thanks to Greg Barman and his audio prowess, here is Side 1!

Stay tuned for Side 2!

Bud S. (

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Remembering Gayle McCormick- Jonnie King


After a long, valiant battle with Cancer, my dear friend, St. Louis' Gayle McCormick, one of the most iconic female singers to define the era of the 60's, passed away in St. Louis, on March 1, 2016.  With "A Group Called Smith", Gayle set the music world on its ear in August of 1969 with the release of their version of the Classic hit "Baby It's You".  She was 67.

In the last few years, Gayle was amazed & overwhelmed at resurgence of her popularity, and the new fans she had gathered through the advent of her being featured, not only on the Internationally-known Tribute Page that I set-up for her  but, the great number of You Tube presentations featuring her with Smith, her solo career, and, with the great local-connection recordings with Steve Cummings & The Klassmen...ALL now available to be read about, seen, and, heard World Wide through the Internet. PLUS, those who remember her from the early years, have also reunited with her music, her beauty, and, the one-of-a-kind voice that they never forgot.

Her talent is known in all 50 States, and the more-than 138 Countries that come to my Site alone. And, her talent, her spirit, and, the remarkable voice she possessed will live on forever throughout the Universe...wherever music is heard.

Jonnie King (3-2-2016)

SPECIAL NOTE: IF YOU HAVE NOT READ the Tribute to Gayle  please take the time to do so.  Within its words, images, and, photos, you will learn the history of this truly remarkable singer-entertainer...and why she has always had an impact on the World of Music from the very first time she ever stepped onto a the minute you're reading these words right now.

(Dear reader and visitor, friends of the blog, I apologize for not getting this posted sooner; life continues to get in my way.  I also apologize to Jonnie King for not getting this posted in a timely manner.)

Also, a mention of Gayle from Karen Adams, friend of Jonnie:

"Thanks.  What a beautiful tribute to Gayle.  When I saw the photo of her standing in the walkway to The Bat Cave I knew exactly where it was taken!  What wonderful memories...Johnny Rabbit and the Bat Cave.  I remember Johnny Rabbit at my house many times and Gayle's beautiful voice.

Thank you for letting me know that Gayle passed away.....way too young.