Friday, August 26, 2016

Buffalo Bill Edwards on July 29, 1974

We're moving on to afternoon drive in our series of KAAY airchecks from July 29, 1974.  And, it's Buffalo Bill Edwards having a high-energy time, playing the rock'n'roll and relating a lot of severe weather warnings.  And, at one point he refers to WLS' John Records Landecker, just for the fun of it. The aircheck runs from 4:00-5:13pm.

Thanks to Joe Martin for this series of contributions.

Greg Barman

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Doug Virden and Phillip Jonsson

I had the honor and privilege to have a picture taken with Mr. Phillip Jonsson, owner of Signal Media radio stations. The stations consist of The Point 94.1,103.7 The Buzz, and 106.7 The Ride.  These radio stations are located at the former home of KAAY at 2400 Cottondale Lane.  He told me he wanted to buy KAAY but couldn't since he already owned AM 1010 KLRA at the time.  In those days an owner could only own one AM and FM.  And he was trying to sell KLRA before the sale officially went through.

I also remember reading on the blog that Larry Duke from Jonesboro wanted to buy KAAY when it went up for sale in the mid 80's.  Duke was under the impression he had the deal to buy KAAY from Multi Media from what I read.  If one of these guys could have bought KAAY, it more than likely would have stayed out of the hands of corporate radio.

Mr Jonsson also used to own KRLD AM 1080 in Dallas and his grandfather was the founder of Texas Instruments.  Phillip Jonsson is now in his early 90's and still comes to the stations about once or twice a week.  His son Steve is the GM of the stations and runs a lot of the day to day operations.  The Point 94.1 came in 2nd during the last ratings period.  These stations are among the last of the locally owned stations in Little Rock.

The picture of me and Phillip Jonsson was taken in the ballroom of the Arkansas Governors Mansion where 103 7 The Buzz was hosting the Pigskin Preview for the upcoming football season.

Ten years later Westinghouse which owns AM 1010 WINS in NY bought AM 1010 in Little Rock and took it off the air. If that offer were made 10 years earlier it would have left Phillip Jonsson to by KAAY.
Thank you, Doug, for your picture and information!  Bud S. (

Friday, August 19, 2016

Bob Robbins on July 29, 1974

From contributor Joe Martin, here's another in the series of 7 airchecks he made of KAAY on Monday July 29, 1974.  This time, it's The Bob Robbins Program from 1:00-1:30pm.

Greg Barman

Friday, August 12, 2016

David Ray on July 29, 1974

Here's an aircheck of David Ray on Monday July 29, 1974, the 3rd in a batch of contributions from Joe Martin.  12:29-1:00pm.  Thank you Joe!

Greg Barman

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Jerry Sims, The 2nd "Sonny Martin"

It was a little over six years ago when Jerry Sims came through Mobile on his way back from Florida on the way home to Little Rock.  This was the first time we met, at The Original Oyster House on The Causeway.

It was five years and two days ago, August 7, 2011, that Jerry passed into Eternity, from heat stroke.  He told me the previous February or March that I needed to come to Little Rock, before something happened.  I believe now, as I did in August 2011, that he was prophetic in his statement.

By gosh, and what a trip that was back in April 2011!  Jerry, David B. Treadway, Charlie Scarbrough, Felix McDonald, Barry McCorkindale and Dale Seidenschwarz were there.  I'd met Barry a couple of times previous on some of his trips through Mobile, David B., Charlie, Dale and Felix I met there for the first time....

But back to Jerry; because of his insistence, I'd made "the pilgrimage" I'd wanted to do all my life.  Because of Jerry's insistence, I experienced things few fans of KAAY had ever lived.  Because of Jerry, I'd met people I'd only talked to via telephone or e-mailed.  I'd met some Gentle Giants of The Gentle Giant, KAAY.

A year later, almost to the day, I almost died from heat stroke myself.  I was in the attic, doing a "20 minute job" and had already been stressed from working in and out of the attic.  Instead of taking the flooring outside to the saw, I decided to whittle the little bit of wood I needed out of the way while up there.  It was almost a fatal mistake....

I'll spare you the details- I think I mentioned this before, but it bears remembering- but I finished the job over three hours later, after I'd somewhat recovered, with my wife tending to me and cooling me down.  That tunnel I was looking down almost closed and I nearly passed out.  I berated myself, after having been a Paramedic, I didn't notice the signs until it was almost too late!  I thought of my family and of Jerry; what would they do without me, and would I see Jerry in heaven?

My point to this post is: no matter where you are, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and heat cramps are nothing to play with!  I have since tended to another man who we almost lost at work, a customer at that; I remembered Jerry and my own experience and we were able to help him get back before the Paramedics arrived (I am a First Responder at my main job).

We have been experiencing triple-digit temperatures and heat indices here in Mobile already, in the first week of August.  This is no laughing matter; please keep yourself hydrated and cooled off, keep a cold towel around your neck and wipe your face often with it (I put one in the freezer and one on my neck and swap them every ten minutes or so, when working outside).

But for Jerry's insistence, I would have never met one of the nicest guys in the world.  Thank you, Jerry, for kicking me in the keester until I came to Little Rock... I'll see you again one day....

Bud S. (

Friday, August 5, 2016

Wayne Moss on July 29, 1974

Here is the 2nd aircheck we received from Joe Martin among those he recorded on Monday July 29, 1974.  It's Wayne Moss, from 10:00-11:15am.

Greg Barman

Friday, July 29, 2016

Airchecks from contributor Joe Martin -- Sonny Martin on July 29 1974

We love hearing from people who have discovered old KAAY tapes that have been sitting in boxes for 40 years or more.  Joe Martin of Wichita Falls TX let us know on a Facebook group recently about a tape he had with airchecks of 7 KAAY jocks, all recorded on Monday July 29, 1974 -- 42 years ago today (whew!).

Joe is an ex-radio guy who has worked numerous stations in TX and who almost came to work at KAAY.  Here is his story:

"I spent a number of hours recording this in 1974 in hotel room in Hot Springs on my Akai reel to reel.  I think I got every jock that worked the 24 hour period recorded.  

Here's my story.  In 1973, I was working at top 40 KTRN in Wichita Falls TX.  I blindly sent out a number of airchecks to about 20 stations looking for a new gig.  Many of the stations I had never heard before.  KAAY was one I had never heard.  I had been in Wichita Falls 18 months and was ready to move.  A short time later, I received a phone call from KAAY program director Wayne Moss informing me the all night show was coming open for a program called Beaker Street.  I knew KAAY was a top 40 operation with a strong signal, but I knew nothing of Beaker Street.

I told Wayne I would drive to Little Rock (420 miles away) to visit with him and see the station.  When I got to town on a Sunday, I checked into a motel and met with Wayne the following day.  After a tour of the downtown operation and meeting Sonny Martin, Wayne took me to lunch.  He suggested I visit the transmitter site that night to sit in on Beaker Street.   I do not remember who the jock was, but I am pretty sure Clyde Clifford had already left and I would be replacing his replacement that was moving on.  I could go into detail about my good impressions of what I saw at the transmitter site, but to keep things as short as possible, I contacted Wayne and said I would accept the job offer.  After I slept a while, I woke up and decided I was homesick for my girlfriend and called Wayne back and thanked him for the offer, but I felt I needed to return to Texas and KTRN.  

The recording you have here was recorded the following summer when I took my vacation with my girlfriend to listen to KAAY one more time.  I never heard it again.  I married the girlfriend and was divorced within 4 years.  Where am I now at age 65?  I'm still in Wichita Falls TX where I have lived for the last 44 years.  Remind me someday to share my KOMA story with you (lol)."

We will post these telescoped airchecks one by one, starting with Sonny Martin on that morning of July 29, 1974, from 6:36-7:40am.   Thank you Joe for your aircheck contribution and for your story!

Greg Barman

Monday, July 18, 2016

Stayin' Up Late At Night....

I'd sent A.J. a note a number of years ago (posted 12/19/2007) about how I'd stay up late at night during the summer, listening to KAAY and Beaker Street:

"Beaker Street Theater Remembered
You know, Doc, I also remember when I was a kid, keeping that ol' Bakelite green Zenith table radio's volume 'way down, especially when that spooky creaking door opened on the Theater at 2:00AM! I'd be snuggled right at the edge of the bed, with my head as close to the radio as possible, while having the covers over my head! Of course, I knew that old tube radio generated heat, so I didn't put the cover on it! But, this was during the summer, while I was out of school and I could sleep a little late in the morning, until I got yelled at to go feed the chickens & cows! Heck, it was worth it! Lotsa spooky fun!

Oh, to have some of those recordings and airchecks of the Theater! Are any available?"
Since then, the players on A.J.'s blog have broken, the site not being maintained, since no one in his family had his password and could not send it on to anyone to continue maintaining the blog.  We here at The Mighty 1090 KAAY Blog have now become the leading authority and repository for many, many airchecks and full recordings of KAAY during many hours of the day, including prime time and Beaker Street!  This because of your kindness and your contributions, dear reader!
Thanks to the Lindsey family, giving us permission to continue on in A.J.'s tradition; we have done as much as possible to continue the legacy, and expand upon it for the enjoyment of all who visit!
Bud S. (

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Goin' Retro: Unidentified Poster

Just got to thinking about what antics KAAY participated in during the summer...and I found this post on A. J. Lindsey's KAAY blog:

"Beaker Street Comment Posted On Amazon":

I never found who the poster was.

I'd also commented to A.J. about something similar:

"A.J., here's a similar bit of trivia and comments on Blivet 2.0 about KAAY, Beaker Street and Jaime Brockett's "legend of the U.S.S. Titanic", much along the same lines of this comment:

Bud, Mobile, AL"

More to come, as we "go retro"....

Bud S. (

Monday, July 11, 2016

"Hot Seat" Revisited.

I'd looked for a picture of the "reviled" yellow Funmobile for years MAY be by chance that one has popped up on Facebook!

To keep from re-explaining it all, here is the link to the original post, related by engineer Dave Montgomery:

It was also related by David B. Treadway that they hated the yellow Funmobile.  It burned on the side of the road one day, most likely from a leaky gas line, on the way back from a remote location.  here is the Facebook link:

I hope some more light can be uncovered on this; as in Mark Wallace's words:

"Mark Wallace Yes, I can fill in the blanks on what happened, Jay C. Jayson Brentlinger and I were bringing the vehicle back from a remote in Conway. I was behind it in a news car when I spotted smoke pouring out of the back. Jay pulled over and got out quickly and we stood and watched the vehicle burn to the ground in a matter of minutes. The fire department got there just in time for the gas tank to explode. I have some photos of it somewhere, I'll have to dig through some boxes. They figured out there was a leak in the gas line somewhere that caused the fire. That was a crazy day!"

And: "Mark Wallace

I don't remember it being yellow though. Perhaps it had been repainted. It was totally ragged out at the time anyway, it lived a good life. I spent many days in that thing at the State Fair giving away albums and tee shirts. I do miss those days. Radio just isn't the same anymore. 😔"
Well, it's all very interesting...we hope this IS a picture, we'll know for sure later, perhaps!

Thanks to all who is involved in this research, unearthed via Facebook!

Bud S. (