Monday, October 20, 2014

Unusual Sign-Off!

A. J. Lindsey originally posted this on his blog as a "rare sign-off"...

...remember the days when radio and television stations actually signed off for the evening, around midnight?  I remember the National Anthem being played, flags waving, fighter jets flying and other images on television and marveling at it all.

I am STILL proud of and love my country, the United States of America; although things have pushed us to a lackluster status and most of the world looks down at us, we are still great- why would people continue to flock here?

Nonetheless, Buddy Karr (Tom Bigby) is signing off for the evening and plays, "Song of The South"...unusual, but I'll bet it stood out!

No wonder KAAY stood out!

Bud S. (

Monday, October 13, 2014

KAAY $1 Record Offer!

I'm thinking this is still in the early era of KAAY, possibly 1962-63 still...and, I'm not sure, but I think the deejay is Buddy Karr...can someone substantiate this for me, please?

The audio quality is muddy, but it seems to be an off-air recording...still, it reflects the enthusiasm KAAY jocks exuded when on the air!

We certainly hope you are enjoying this look back at KAAY's early years, fifty-two years ago this year!

Thanks, Greg- thank you, A.J., for posting this on your blog- and thanks, Dave, for rescuing it so we can share all this audio again....

Bud S., (

(Based on the basketball score, I place the date as Dec 29, 1962 -  Greg)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Newsmen Of KAAY

The deejays kept us entertained, but the newsmen kept us informed.  B. Bruce Jenkins, George J. Jennings (replaced "W" for "J" because it sounded better), John K. Anderson...these were the Giants of News "at :45"...they say this "scooped" the other stations, who gave the news at the top of the hour.

I believe B. Bruce Jenkins was there fairly early in KAAY history and was there quite a while...can anyone pin down his employment dates, please?

News as facts is important, not like the dramatized stuff we're fed today....thanks guys....

(Note - based on the Flying Wallendas accident item, I place the date of this aircheck as Nov 5, 1963 -- Greg)

Bud S. (

Monday, October 6, 2014

Focus On The Newsmakers 9/28/1969

"50,000 watts over Arkansas", this week is headed up by Bill Edwards. 

The commercial after the intro is about Hurricane Camille (I remember that one- I was a little boy in Semmes, AL when that one came through- it was a terrible storm) and donations to the Red Cross to help us Gulf Coast residents to get back on our feet.  Heck, we country folk never knew donations were being taken for us- we just did what it took to clear everything out and get on with our lives....

The opening interview is with Arkansas' Industrial Development's Harry McLemore, regarding a new Allis-Chalmers plant in Arkansas.  More good historical news & interview follows.

Does anyone else who was in the path of Hurricane Camille remember those days?

Hey, Greg...thank you!

Bud S. (

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Robbins Program!

Here are a couple of recordings back to back of The Robbins Show; quality of the first one isn't so good, the second is better, but both are obviously taped off-the-air.  I absolutely love the orchestral and vocal music beds, they're so classy!

Sounds like he says "Bob Robbins", not "Rob Robbins".  Still from the early days, but it could have been a different "Robbins", there were so many!

I hope you are enjoying the look back from fifty-two years ago, as I am!  This is material that Dave Schmidt, our computer guru, was able to save from A.J. Lindsey's blog before the players quit.  We'll be sharing more "retro" stuff as time goes by, to preserve the integrity of A.J.'s efforts and to fulfill our promise to do so.  To not do this would rob us all, new and old visitors and KAAY enthusiasts alike, of wonderful history....

Bud S. (

Monday, September 29, 2014

George Jennings, Sonny Martin, Heavy George & More! 7/8/1972

Here are more candid shots at making commercials...I'm not sure if these are some of the same as before (may be), or if they're practice tapes of previous material...nonetheless, George Jennings' whistling made it on tape!

Ranchette Homesites, The Gift Case at the Lake Hills Shopping Center, The Little Barn and Safeway Discounts...enjoy!

Thanks again, Greg- roll 'em!

Bud S.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kay-Double-Ay-Why Song Intro's!

The deejays of KAAY threw a lot of enthusiasm into their broadcasts!  Just listen to the introductions they used for songs and Silver Dollar Surveys!

We survived the Cuban Missile Crisis, going on to live our lives in the '60s and beyond...sock hops and dances, going to the soda fountain and on dates, listening to our favorite deejays and music all the while!

Bud S. (

Monday, September 22, 2014

Focus On The Newsmakers 9/18/1969

"50,000 watts over Arkansas", with Frank Woods, who solicited comments to be mailed to the news organization....

There's a story about 1st Lt. James L. Stone, Korea, 1951 and his heroic efforts while fighting the Chinese.  He was awarded the Medal of Honor.  There was mention of his current assignment at the time of this news broadcast, and that of other Medal of Honor recipients being flown to Valley Forge for ceremonies.  If this doesn't make you stand up and salute the flag, nothing will!

God bless our up the flag, Greg!

Bud S. (

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Then, Cuba "Happened"....

Some of us are old enough to remember the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis.  It has been posted here extensively about how it affected us as a nation, and how KAAY got involved only weeks after the station coming to being, with Jim Hankins/"Mike McCormick" almost losing his job over the decision to participate; here is a link of material, mostly by Dave Montgomery and Richard Robinson, regarding such:

KAAY had almost been left out, with the U. S. government having thought KTHS was off the air, not realizing KAAY had the frequency and the coverage; Jim, who couldn't get in touch with anyone to make a decision (remember, cell phones hadn't been invented yet and there were very few car phones), made the decision himself, even though the staff was sharply divided...see the link, re: Dave M's comments from A.J.  Thank you, Jim Hankins, you and KAAY made history....

Basically, at midnight every evening, the government came in, ran everyone out of the studio, locked the door and broadcast Voice of America programming to Cuba; the signal from KAAY absolutely blanketed the island nation.

My God, can you even imagine the tension, the agony, the possible retribution that could have taken place?  Fortunately, the U.S. and Russia came to agreeable terms and things cooled down a bit.  So, without further ado, here is a recording, regarding KAAY's involvement of the broadcasts to Cuba:

Thank you, Jim Hankins/"Mike McCormick", for having the guts!

Monday, September 15, 2014

How 'Bout Them Harlem Globetrotters?

Wayne Moss heads up these commercials regarding the Harlem Globetrotters, the world's favorite basketball team!

What's odd is that this tape was marked 08/23/970, but Wayne's identification was one "...through Saturday, March 22 only" and "...for Sunday, March 23 only".  I suppose something else might have been taped, then erased for these two commercials.  Wayne sounds as good today as he did back then, when I get to talk with him over the phone!

Hey, Greg- think you and I could give them just a little bit of competition?

Bud S. (