Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Day At KAAY #8, May 18, 1971

It's Part 8 of this 13-part series, for your listening pleasure!  Again, opening with Mitch Michaels closing out the news, with Wayne Moss as the deejay, from 2:00 to 3:00 PM.  Mary Donald is on the news desk later in the hour.

I think the mix of music is interesting: late '50s, into the '60s and up to the current music of the day.  So many stations today fill such a narrow niche and play the same songs over and over...I counted one time where the same song had been played nearly twenty times in a day...and that applies to all genre' of stations, country, contemporary Christian, rock of all types, etc.  KAAY played a more varied mix and was much more interesting.

There were Lawn Boy lawn mower commercials sprinkled all throughout the broadcast day, so I thought I'd post a photo of Tommy Riggs with an unknown lady listener, who won a Lawn Boy in a contest:

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Enjoy this next hour of the broadcast day!

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Aren't you enjoying these contributions of Russell Wells ?  I know I am !

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  1. I worked at Ark State Police headquarters and KAAY was my "keep me awake" station when I worked midnight's. Colonel Scott would walk in sometimes in the middle of the night and hear the radio but never said a word. Governor Rockefeller's son was a regular in riding in the cars at night with the troopers. Good days and simple. Gone but not forgotten.