Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little Barn Order Form, Back Cover

No catalog is complete without an order form...I'll bet these were filled to the max!  And, off into the sunset with the back cover....

These pages were compliments of Shawn, who took the time to scan and send it in- all in one big gulp, I might add!  And part of his comments:

"We used to listen to Clyde's Beaker St. in eastern Iowa back in the early 70s. It might be fun to scan the catalog and post it for the old heads still around.

 Peace, Shawn"

Dave M. helped by making separate pages of the huge file, making it possible to view it all in this series.  Thank you Shawn and Dave!

One more after this one....

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Little Barn Incense Burners, Kitchen Goods

Here are the burners you needed when you bought incense at Little Barn...and I'm sure there was plenty burned in the kitchen while making goodies with the kitchen stuff here!

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Little Barn Meditation Goods, Vests

I don't know about you, dear visitor, but I can't sit long enough to meditate about anything...donning my vest and getting to work is more my about those black light paints?  Some potential fun there!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Bo Rider/Beau Ryders Surface!

"Yeah KAAY! I just found this site too--great to read about the names I either grew up listening to...or worked with in Riverdale (I can't believe the building is gone!). Keep up the great work and comments, so we know where folks are--like Crunch--congratulations on your retirement! Haynes Johns (Beau Ryder--7pm-Mid Monday-Friday/Music Director)"

This was found as a comment on one of the Personnel posts...and I'd like more info for the readers, please! Haynes Johns, would you contact me at my e-mail address below, please? Thank you!

(We'd always shown the name as "Bo Rider", so looks like we've maybe been corrected!)

ALSO: Dave S. found a comment on the Podomatic account we use for this blog, involving another "Bo Ryder"'s his comment:

"Don and I worked together at his very first gig in Little Rock, AR.. KSOH & KAAY late 70's...Allen Williams"

The "Don" he mentions is Don Payne; this comment was attached to his WZPL aircheck sent in by Delvan Roehling.

Allen Williams, would you also contact me at my e-mail address below, please?

And, if anyone out there knows either of these gentlemen, or know how to get in touch with them, please contact me as well!

(P.S. Actually, it was the 1425 W. 7th Street studios that were torn down for the I-630 interstate; KAAY was reloacated at the Riverdale business park and today, houses the KKPT studios. Riverdale still

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

George J. Jennings, Revisited

Today is the anniversary of George J. Jennings (real name George Walter Jennings) going on to Newsman's Heaven. I don't say that lightly, because he was serious about the news. From deejaying at WRR in Dallas, to News Director and Operations Manager at KAAY, Little Rock, to WOAI in San Antonio (where he became the News Director in the 1980's) and beyond, he was serious about his work. Called by another newsman to Arkansas (Jack Grady), he worked into a very successful position. Herewith his story as related to A. J. Lindsey, a.k.a. "Emperor Holiday" on his blog in 2006:

"George J. Jennings tells how he came to KAAY

(The following is George's recount of how he came to KAAY and where the "J." came from. His real name is George W. Jennings.)

In the summer of 1962, I was a disc jockey at WRR in Dallas. All of a sudden on a Sunday afternoon there was a pounding on the back door of the station. It was a person named Jack Grady who was looking for a friend of his who allegedly worked at the station. I let him in and he came into the booth where I was playing records and sat for about three hours, while he waited for his friend to show up. Grady was between planes at Love Field and had nothing else to do. During that time I did several rip and read newscasts. Grady left about 6 PM and I thought I would never hear from him again.

About 2 weeks later, I heard from Grady. He had heard my newscasts and thought I would be perfect for a station signing on in Arkansas. On a whim, I took my wife, infant son, and cat, and drove 300 miles to Little Rock. I had no idea what a newsman does. When the station signed on as KAAY, it was distinguished by playing "Baby Elephant Walk" and reading the Little Rock telephone directory 24 hours a day. We would say things like, "The Friendly Giant welcomes Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jones of 123 Apple Street to the land of KAAY. During this time I rip(ped) and read newscasts.

After about a week, I started trying to figure out what a newsman was supposed to be and started actually covering things. For the first two months Grady was news director but he left to pursue "other interests". At that time, the disc jockeys used all fake names. During the entire time I was at the station, I used my own name, except for the J. initial that was inserted in the middle. It finally became a situation, where I was inserted in the morning program with a number of Sonny Martins or Emperor Holiday, adding wit and humor or setups for the DJ to play off of. That was the entire pattern for my stay until 1974.

Through a pattern of attrition I became news director, operations manager plus salesman at KAAY. I eventually had another newsman working with me, and over the period, I became a fair newsman, so much so that I was able to become news director for such stations as WOAI, San Antonio, and WFAA in Dallas, with stops in New Orleans, Louisville, Minnapolis. KAAY was for me a testing ground, where I learned what I needed to. I am still in contact with Grady and I curse him every time I speak to him. I am now retired in San Antonio and have nothing to do with radio except for constant listening to old time radio shows."

Of course, George Jennings has since passed on, on this date in 2007:

"Jennings 03/20/2007

George Walter Jennings, 67, died in San Antonio, March 15, 2007. Best known as news director of WOAI Radio in San Antonio during the 1980's, he was instrumental in the growth of Clear Channel Communications, setting up radio news operations in several of the broadcasting group's Southwestern markets, including Beaumont, New Orleans, and Tulsa. Notable news broadcasters who were taught their trade by George include NBC news anchor Ken Herrera, ESPN Washington host Andy Polin, and ABC vice president John McConnell. George was born in Mexia, Texas, February 1, 1940 to Walter and Helen Kelly Jennings, and grew up in Dallas. He was preceded in death by his son, Gregory Hale Jennings, and is survived by his wife Nancy Seerden Jennings and a son, Dean Vaughan Jennings, his wife Karen Holmes Jennings and a granddaughter Genevive Leigh Jennings of Boise, Idaho."

What prompted me was my research; I get a little warped in thought and attribute this to Vicki of and her book and website, which mention George Jennings in both the KAAY and WOAI markets. AND, I went to WOAI's website and read their history...where George Jennings' name was conspicuously absent!

My mind works in convoluted ways...sometimes I arrive at research by choosing something other than a front or rear door...sometimes an upper-level window!)

I contacted one of their newsmen, Jim Forsyth, and mentioned that I thought it fitting to get George Jennings inserted into their history, as he was very instrumental in developing the Southwestern markets for Clear Channel. He agreed and said he'd forward my request to the personnel who maintain WOAI's website.

So, giving ALL the credit where credit is due, here's to you, George J. Jennings....

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Little Barn Headbands, Crystal Soaps

Here's those headbands I mentioned at the beginning of the series...the soap sounds nice, too, more clean fun!

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Friday, March 16, 2012

"Mike McCormick" Revisited

In my constant reseach to bring you, dear reader and visitor, as much historical information about KAAY and The Greats thereof, I occasionally run upon a kernal of information.  Such is with Jim Hankins, a.k.a. "Mike McCormick"....

"Mike McCormick", Jim Hankins, from KAAY's early days, and numerous stations before and since then, had a definite impact on radio everywhere he worked.  440 Satisfaction lists all the stations with which he worked

and Jeff Roteman's page gives a little more history

I had the great fortune to speak with Jeff Roteman the other evening, who was very gracious and helpful in updating me about Mike McCormick.  The picture above is from about the era of his employment with KQV in Pittsburgh, PA.  Jeff's link above gives some information about Mike McCormick's tenure there.  One of the personalities we all recognize who worked with Mike at KQV and WLS was Gary Gears.  Jeff has a WLS page with a great Gary Gears aircheck:

For those of you who may not remember, Mike was very instrumental in KAAY's early days, especially during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  The picture below is of Mike when he was at KAAY.  For much more information, please type "Mike McCormick" in the upper left-hand search box and click the spyglass....

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Barn Soap, Horns, Books

Staying clean looks like fun!  And what horns....

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Little Barn Jewelry

More stuff to wear, and a pillbox, too...

I remember Clyde Clifford advertising for The Little particular, we've had an aircheck here of Clyde mentioning some large, heavy silver peace rings.  For the price back then, they'd have been a good investment, considering silver prices today....

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Little Barn Wine Flasks, Daisy Pulls...

Wine flasks have survived the ages...and how about dressing up your furniture with those daisy knobs?

Unique artistry!

Bud S. (

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Comments From "O'Brian"

Hello to Bud, Wayne Moss, all my old pals at the Mighty 1090, former listeners, and especially my dear old friend, Steve Scott! I just spent an hour and a half looking for the tape of that last night when Farley supposedly ended up in the river. I looked and looked, and I know I have it, but could not find it. Steve and I had this stunt planned for a week, and all week leading up to Friday (which I knew was my last day before heading to Denver) I was talking about how my good friend Steve Scott was coming to town, and Farley Knuckles would be there and how I had invited them both to be on the show with me Friday night. That was the set up - plugged it all week. Then on Friday, Steve "showed up" with me on the air, and we joked between the songs about where Farley could possibly be. We were having a great time and couldn't wait for him to join us. Then, near the end of the show, the song fades and you can hear me on the phone, in the background, very seriously asking questions like, "Where? How long ago? and so on. I think Steve was acting like he was trying to cover for me. Then, if I remember right, (gee it's been a long time) I hung up the phone, still in the background, and I think I blurted out like, "they found Farley, I have to leave." Steve then pretended to stumble around, and said I'd be back in awhile, maybe Farley passed out at a bar or something. Several songs later, Steve is still doing the show, and he answers the phone on the air - says he knows it's me calling in. Now I must tell you, the next part was recorded earlier. Steve asked me what was going on. In the most saddened solemn, voice I told him (over the air) that they found Farley's body in the river - he had been shot dead. Steve reacted so sorry, and told me to come back to the radio station. And then, I had my closing line - I said something to the effect, "No, I can't ever come back until I find out who did this to Farley; so long Steve." Then Steve says, well, okay, I guess this is the start of the Steve Scott show, and then played the last song of the night - Terry Jacks, Season in the Sun! (goodbye to you my old friend...) It was a hoot - the phones lit up, and Steve and I laughed our butts off. I hope I can find that tape. But, the tape we ought to have is the one with the out takes of Steve and I trying to record that last bit. We knew we could never pull it off live without cracking up. And, while trying to record it, we did indeed crack up to the max - especially me trying to say they found Farley in the river. Those were the days of fun radio - many great memories of KAAY - maybe someday I will relate the story of when I fell asleep on the air doing Beaker Street, or, how I almost caused a prison riot on Beaker Street, and, and, oh well, just old memories of some fun days in Little Rock. Sorry this turned out so long - gee, it's supposed to be a comment! Love to all, God bless you! O'Brian

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Little Barn Leather Rings & Bells

Whew!  More unique items!

I must say, they put a lot into home-brewing this catalog....

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Little Barn Incense

Whoa, here's some great incense offers from 'way back....

And, yes, I know incense is still available today!  Just not too many "head shops" around any more!

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