Saturday, January 28, 2012

K-A-A-Y One-Oh-Nine-Oh‏

Folks, Paul Kirby was one of the biggest contributors to the San Antonio Radio Memories book, mentioned before on this blog...funny, how great personalities are influenced into their profession!  He worked at several stations in the San Antonio, TX market over the years...I enjoyed reading his stories in Vicki's book.  Vicki contacted him and told him I'd like to hear his story about listening to KAAY, so, without further ado, here's paul!

"K-A-A-Y One-Oh-Nine-Oh!

As a thirteen-year-old living in rural western Minnesota, we didn’t have television and radio (to our family) meant listening to clear-channel 50-thousand watt WCCO in Minneapolis/Saint Paul. Because WCCO was the only radio station we could receive both day and night, the tuning knob on the radio rarely got moved.

For me, most of the time, I spent nights reading, rather than listening to WCCO. Each week after my piano lesson in town, we would visit the local library where I would check out a new stack of books for the coming week.

There was a radio show that I regularly enjoyed on WCCO called "Honest To Goodness" hosted by Dick Chapman and Randy Merriman. I remember to this day one of their questions: Who is Leonard Slye?

My cousin Ted was very excited about a Disk Jockey on WLS from 9 to midnight. A slight move of the radio dial from 830 to 890 brought in the completely different Dick Biondi each weeknight for an hour, after finishing my homework and before retiring for the night. I still read regularly each evening, but it was just a little bit less than before.

I was shocked one evening to no longer hear Dick on the radio, but Art Roberts instead. It wasn’t that Art wasn’t good. It was that Art didn’t seem have the excitement, edge and fun that Dick had every night. I went back to reading.

One night, on a whim, after "Honest To Goodness," I decided to tune “up the band” on the radio to see what I could hear. I stopped on 1090 when I heard something completely different on the radio.

That something completely different turned out to be KAAY Comex News. I had never heard news delivered with such urgency.

With such urgency, I had to keep listening to see what would happen next. What happened next was Rob Robbins who seemed to be having fun on the radio just like Dick Biondi.

However, what really surprised me was that any time Rob spoke you could here a jingle in the background repeating over and over again:

K-A-A-Y One-Oh-Nine-Oh

Over the years, I have asked a number of people about how the repeating jingle was implemented, but to this day, I have not encountered anyone (including George Jennings) who could provide actual implementation information.

I once again enjoyed regular nightly listening to the radio. However, like most good things, it didn’t last long. We moved and I was no longer able to pick up KAAY.

Paul Kirby"

Thank you, Paul- and thank you, Vicki!  Isn't it interesting how the radio world intertwines?

Bud S. (

Friday, January 27, 2012

More From Havana Cuba!

I have corresponded with our fellow Cuban KAAY and Beaker Street enthusiast and asked if he appeared in any of the pictures...and for privacy reasons, he did not, but wanted to promote the band The Kent...herewith more of his e-mail material, lightly edited:

"...these people are members of a band called The Kent,one that plays the same rock music every night, we listened to on the radio in those years. Like I said the night club called Yellow Submarine, is the home of the Beatles in Cuba, is like a cave, if you look at the photos carefully, you will see that the walls are many of the lyrics of the Beatles.

Very close to this nightclub at about 96 steps is sitting on abench, the bronze statue of John Lenon....
The Yellow Submarine is a place for everyone who wants to come to open your nostalgia. To the right of the entrance to the site, welcomes visitors with a huge photo of Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison, who along with some of her songs printed anthologies everywhere on the walls, make the club a kind of sanctuary .The bar takes the submarine details such as hatches, keels, tubular shapes and proportions. Liverpool Quartet cartoons, illustrations of his subjects,including Strawberry Fields Forever, and a bar decorated with the covers of the 18 original records. Open Tuesday to Sunday afternoon and into the morning every day,The most beautiful and welcoming place in the city,our cave .

Soon I will send you new photos of this club, also new photos of old Soviet radio, where we listened with great pleasure Beaker Street.  Thanks Bud, Thanks KAAY, Thanks Beaker Street."

Our friend in Cuba has many great memories, as we do. Isn't it wonderful to remember growing up with such great memories? And this blog will strive to keep bringing forth history of KAAY and all aspects thereof, bringing to light those things we all loved- and still love. Please, as our frind in Cuba has done, share those wonderful memories here for all to enjoy!

Next Post from Cuba: another Soviet radio on which KAAY and Beaker Street was heard!

Bud S. (

Thursday, January 26, 2012

San Antonio Radio Memories Revisited

Hoo, BOY!  Vicki Worthington hit a home run with this book!  I just finished it this morning and what a hoot!  Lots of stories and anecdotes shared, a lot like we do here on this blog.  I am convinced that radio people are a special breed...what that breed may be, I don't know, but I am thankful for them!

What a way to begin my day, every day, by reading Vicki's book for the last couple of weeks...a chuckle here, a chortle there...thank you to Vicki and all the contributors to San Antonio Radio Memories!

I remember Tony Warner's show when he had several KAAY folks over on his KAAY 40th anniversary show, where he mentioned to Pat Walsh that he should write a book...and I wish Pat would have!  I could see an encyclopedic series, if he had!

Many thanks again to Vicki for this effort...remember, folks, your purchase of this book (with an entry on KAAY's George Jennings) goes to charities and scholorships.  The website address, once again, is:

Would San Antonio deejay Paul Kirby stop by sometime and relate his KAAY listening memories, please?

Bud S. (

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wayne Moss Himself, August 16, 1976!

Here is Program Director Wayne Moss!  Funky music, great rock 'n' roll and that great voice, still great today!  Just shortly after 10 AM on this date, Wayne followed the "Sonny Martin" program.  Wayne announces the station as "Kay Double-Ay-Why" many times over.  It is interesting how some managers and directors alternated the usage of either that or "Kay-Ay-Ay-Why", when at times, they got mail for "KWAY" and other station calls.  Regardless, with that great signal, modulating those great voices, there was very little confusion as to WHO they were!

There were maybe a couple of breaks in audio here and there, but Greg Barman did an excellent job in bringing this audio back to life; it was on the same tape as the previous "Sonny Martin" morning broadcast.

Ah, great memories...this was the music played when I was in high school- specifically, this time was when I was a junior.  Those were great days- not the easiest- but I survived and radio, in several forms, helped a lot.  Thank you, Wayne, and all the Other Greats, for getting me through this tough, confusing time!

Hey, listen out for a spacey KAAY jingle in the later third of the audio!  I'll bet some may not have heard it before!

Victoria Griggs (sp?) got the Morning Salute from Wayne during this broadcast...does anyone recognize the name and could she be located after all these years?

An all-American ad for Avis Rent-A-Car ends this audio treasure- $147 a week?  That was a lot of money, even in 1976!

Listen and enjoy- and my hearty thanks go out to Wayne Moss for sharing these treasures- to Greg Barman for his wonderful recovery efforts- and to Dave S. for his smooth archival of this audio for all to enjoy!

Bud S. (

Friday, January 20, 2012

More Cuban Comments

Folks, I have heard from a fellow who would like to keep his privacy, but share his e-mail with you. I have left it fully intact for your enjoyment. He has also sent pictures which I will share with you here:

"Greetings From Havana Cuba!

Dear Bud Staceys, first of all accept my greetings and wishes for good health and fortune staff, make it extend also to your family in this new 2012. For me personally has been very comforting and rejuvenating perhaps, find that blogg about KAAY. And stories I have known the AM station, which at the beginning of the 70 as magic carpet, just arrived at midnight to the north coast of Havana, Cuba. transporting for me and many of my generation to meet with Beaker Street´s dweller in those years the mystical Clyde, not Sherlock Holmes,we expected that hour, and I remember The house of the rising sun. Many fond memories come to mind right now, even tears, how much nostalgia, for all time spent listening to Beaker Street. Who writes to you today is a man of 53 years old, who lives in Cuba since he was born. I'm not political, but I must tell you my opinion and my truth. For along time I heard Beaker Street and other stations from Florida,with little old Soviet radio that my mother gave me when I turned 15 years old.

Never, never my friends and I had to hide our radios to hear these AM stations .of course, we were young students, who were also scholarship from Monday to Friday ,all listened to the radio, WQAM,WGBS at night Beaker Street from KAAY Arkansas,At weekend, went home with our parents, we gathered for parties with our friends and girlfriends, and always accompanied by music from the radio, we did not have tape recorders or record players. Now remember, that in those years came the first TVs valve from the Soviet Union and Bulgaria, many of these were located in schools, to be used for daytime classes. The same schools that we were scholarship,at open fields were located in close proximity to Havana. Also remember that all underground music we listened to Clyde Clifford, we saw in that Bulgarians televisions branded Starfurt. How? then in those years, the television signals of Florida, also came to Cuba,we saw at Friday night those great programs Midnight Specialand Rock Concert,did you remember Bud? They were wonderful years, the best. Throughout those year, that was the music heard on the radio for everyone here in Habana Cuba, I do not remember, have been arrested for that, I tell you more during our vacation, we met on the board walk or at the Sta Maria beach to listen the music coming from Florida WGBS,Q54, WQAM and KAAY at midnight,from Little Rock,I repeat never,never we´d got arrested for it. We were students, not vague.This is my truth.

Bud has been very rewarding, to send this email and tell you that I offer my help and my hand for anything you need, remember I live in Cuba and I am a humble man but honest, I ask nothing return only respect. Excuse any inaccuracy in these letters, remember that my mother language is Spanish. Check out this photo of my old Soviet radio,manufactured in 1972, still works, Also sent you photos of Yellow Submarine Night Club,next to the John Lenon´s park in Habana,where always plays live music,Rock and Underground bands.When you want to come and see for yourself. Best regards."

Folks, this is but one wall in the Yellow Submarine Club...more from our fellow KAAY and Beaker Street enthusiast in another post...please stand by!

Bud S. (

Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Scammer/Hijacked E-mails...

Boy, the audacity and nerve of some people!

Awhile back, I mentioned that someone had hijacked A. J. Lindsey's e-mail address and used it to try and get me to click on a link...and I warned you about this, dear visitor.  Not only that, but several of my Ham radio friends have had their's hijacked in the same fact, I got an e-mail, appearing to have come from myself telling me to click on a link- I deleted it ASAP... they've gone and hijacked Matt White's e-mail ("Sonny Martin III") and sent me a wierd link today.  I wrote to Sonny and asked him...he confirmed that it wasn't him and I thanked him.

Greatgooglymoogly!  Be careful about duplicated e-mails...they're scams.  We all have to be vigilant so that we don't get unwanted solicitations and viruses from these hijacked e-mail addresses and the links they support.  And, you run the risk of, when you dump them into the "junk file", maybe not ever hearing from the legitimate e-mail holder again, if your computer program weeds them out from here on out.

Anyone got any ideas about this?  Anyone been seriously affected by something such as this?


Bud S. (

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sonny Martin (Matt White), August 16, 1976

And we present to you another audio treasure, compliments of Wayne Moss- and remastered by Greg Barman!  I may have mentioned that Greg had to do some physical and audio TLC on the old cassettes Wayne sent in for us to enjoy and lovingly, skillfully brought them back to life.  This audio is partially 'scoped, possibly due to some tape repair and rescue, possibly for taping reasons, and it is a good copy for us to enjoy.

"Colonel Sonny Martin", as he calls himself on this morning broadcast, featured a detailed weather report, later airing the famous "Breakfast Serial"

He also read an ad for a store with citizen-band radios and accessoreies, as well as stereo equipment- remember the CB craze?

And Jerry Lewis was featured in a commercial for Muscular Dystrophy; I enjoyed the telethons over the years and they're NOT the same today- especially without Jerry Lewis.

Mitch Michaels read the news (with a humorous twist) in this portion; listen for the KAAY jingle just before the newscast!

Without further ado, enjoy this latest offering from Program Director Wayne Moss!

Thanks also go to Dave S. for his archive wizardry!  Dave, this wouldn't be possible without folks like you and Greg!

Bud S. (

Monday, January 16, 2012

Kudos To Dave Schmidt!

Folks, Dave S. has been a real boon and blessing to us here on The Mighty 1090 KAAY Blogspot. Even though he wears many hats at work and has many demands on his time, he STILL finds the wherewithal to jump in and take care of the computer aspects of the blog. Notice the new look? I'm not a computer whiz- never have been and, due to my own lack of time and heavy work loads over the years, I've not taken any more time than to be a computer operator. I am in awe of those who are fortunate enough to be able to absorb and utilize skills, ANY skills...and in Dave's case, who are willing to come alongside and help make a beloved thing all the better! There are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes of this blog many of us are not aware of (well, that's true in anything, isn't it?), and Dave makes it all look easy!

All of us have specific talents and gifts...and it is a wonderful thing when gifted people can come together on a particular matter and make it better for others of like mindedness. Look at the wide appeal KAAY had for so many people! Not only in the U.S.A., but outside the country as well...and we, along with others, have the opportunity and privelege to bring it to YOU, dear reader and enthusiast!

I'll paraphrase the great David B. Treadway, currently still the Voice of Arkansas over on US 97: Whoever's on the mic gets all the praise or all the blame, no matter the circumstances (or something like that). Well, most of my siglines might be on these posts, but there is a bevy of folks supporting this blog, of whom I'd like to share the praise. It may be in technical ways, it may be in contributing stories and anecdotes or materials and audio, but rest assured that it is a group effort. Without folks like Dave, this blog would be much more plain and kludgey.

Hats off to you, Dave! Keep up the great work!

Bud S. (

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Gift From David B. Treadway

I think I'm suffering from some sort of "daddy disease", "no time disease" or "getting older disease"...I INTEND on doing something, but I either get called away to let the cat out, take out the trash or help with homework, or I just plain put it to the side for the morning, or when I get more time, or I just temporarily misplace it in a pile...ever have that problem?

Well, I must admit to all the above...and I hope I have not done him a dis-service, but The Great David B. Treadway sent me along one of the elusive KAAY belt buckles and an equally great story:

"Dear Bud,

Here is the artifact I referred to a few months back, the one that kept hiding from me whenever I tried to find it and give it to you. (Sounds familiar! bs)

The KAAY belt buckle dates from about 1976 and is based on a billboard campaign that was probably one of the last promotions Pat Walsh had a hand in before he was replaced as General Manager.

I don't remember if these were made available to the public or were reserved for staff members, but they are pretty rare in any case. This was my second one, as Sonny Martin III (Matt White) talked me out oif my original one- belt and all- one night at a huge outdoor concert in a field twenty miles south of Little Rock. Some pretty girl had talked him out of his, belt and all, and he wanted his jeans to stay up when he went back onstage.

This rightfully belongs to you in recognition of all your tireless efforts on behalf of the KAAY legacy and legend. Wear it in robust health or frame it and hang it. Either way, you will find it indestructable.

And now, by the ancient and mystical powers invested in me by the Mighty 1090 Skywave, and with my right hand upon the RCA Transmitter Of Glory, I do hereby adopt and sponsor you into the KAAY Family Of The Air, with all rights, respect and privileges appertaining thereunto, should they ever materialize. Witness my ham and steel on this Second Day of August, Two Thousand Eleven, it now being Dang Near The Fiftieth Year Since The Baby Elephant Walked. So help me, Clyde.

Very Truly Yours,

David B. Treadway
Doc Holiday VII
The Last P.D.
Etc., etc."

By gosh, when I got this in the mail, I was moved to have to know David B., he has a heart as gold, as big as Arkansas doubled.

I have struggled with different backgrounds, different lighting, different flashes and I can only get an almost-in-focus picture. The only thing I haven't done is get my old Pentax K1000 SLR and went though the lengthy process of transferring film to digital. Nonetheless, here is the best picture I could muster under many conditions. The only thing I haven't tried is natural light...maybe I should? I must apologize, I couldn't do it justice. I'll try for a better picture later, but I did NOT want to delay it any is The Belt Buckle:

(enhanced by Jim Cleveland- thanks!)

Thank you, David, from the bottom of my heart!

Bud S. (

Monday, January 9, 2012

Comments That Hit You "Right There"....

Dave S. did a compilation of comments a couple of posts ago...and then, I checked in today and found a comment that hit me "right there". You know, dear reader, we take a LOT for granted...the we live in a (mostly?) free country, can come & go as we please, have plenty to eat, plenty of heat and air conditioning, plenty of everything (hence, the name "Land of Plenty)...but what about those folks who don't have any, or very little, freedom?

I was talking with Wayne Moss about a week ago about the country of Cuba, where just listening to anything but that country's radio (socialist in nature) gets one put in jail or prison. Such is the fate of many people in other such countries. We're pretty moderate, shockingly so, judging by the content of our radio and my opinion, some of the producers and programmers ought to be jailed for the content of our shows....

Nonetheless, there are those brave souls who somehow mailed KAAY and other stations to let them know how much they appreciated them. The following is one such comment we received January 6, 2012:

"Lora said...
Thank you soooooo much for sharing all this goodies with the world. It bring back so many memories of friends, places and lovers :).

Lots of stories listening Beaker Street!!

Thank you, thank you,thank you. Gonna send the link to my brother and some of my old friends, they will really enjoy your blog.

By the way I'm from Cuba,listening to KAAY as well as WQAM cost to end in jail to many of the young people from my generation, but we did it no matter what :)(It look funny now but was very sad.)Happy New Year and keep your blog growing.Thank you again."

So, remember how good we got it....

Lora, you and your brother and friends please visit often and please give us a few stories about listening to KAAY...such as, how did you hide the radios and such?

Bud S. (

O'Brian on KAAY, February 1974

Steve Morris' best friend in radio was Mike Verdicchio, or "O'Brian" as he was known on KAAY.  Steve and Mike worked together in radio...well, let me allow Steve tell you a bit of the story:

"O'Brian (and Farley Kunckles, a charactor voice) went to KAAY in early 1974 from Panama City, Fla (WDLP) (where) he was program director.  He hired me from WBSR in Pensacola to do morning drive.  Wayne Moss asked me to send an air-check to KAAY, but I didn't have the 1st Class FCC ticket I needed to do Beaker Street from the transmitter site.  Mike Verdicchio (O'Brian) did.  He got the job. I took over as P.D. @ WDLP, & Mike was off to the big KAAY!!  He did Beaker Street for a few months and then 'Don Marcus' took Beaker Sreet and O'Brian moved into town to do 8-11pm.  O'Brian (Mike Verdicchio) left to go to KLZ-FM in Denver, and I inherited the 8-11pm slot from downtown.  Marcus stayed for a few months at Beaker St. & left to go to Tucson, enter 'Ken Knight' (Bill Jackson)  from Joplin, MO to do Beaker Street.

I remember his (O'Brian's) last night on-the-air.  His fictitious character voice ('Farley Knuckles'), jumped off of the Arkansas River bridge.  When Mike 'found out' he got up and walked out while he was on-the-air!!  (of course I was there to take over for him). That happened on a Friday evening & Monday afternoon the phones started going crazy!!!"

Thanks, Steve!  Folks, you'll hear some of that 8-11 PM shift right here with "O'Brian" at the mic...and it sounded as if he had fun with it!  Unscoped, featuring Top 40 from the early 1970 era, sounding like it was pretty much off the deck.  Greg Barman cleaned it up a little for our enjoyment; Dave S. again works his linkage wizardry for us to tap right in.  And before I forget, this is another donation by Wayne Moss- thanks to you all, guys!

And now, without further ado: O'Brian on KAAY!

Bud S. (

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Comments that you've submitted...

Many of the postings in this blog receive comments.  It's not always easy for a reader to see which postings get comments when, so as a kind of "public service", I have extracted from the blog's server a summary of recently posted comments and formatted it so that it can be posted here.

You'll see that comments sometimes appear for a story that was posted long ago, and you'll also see comments that in themselves are so interesting that they make you want to reread the original post!  You can find a story on this blog, no matter how old, by typing its title into the Search box at the top left corner of the page.  You'll get in return the story and all its attached comments. Or, try looking for the story in the "Blog Archive" list" in the right column over here ==>

So, I will get rid of the "comments backlog" by posting two lists here, which roughly correspond to comments submitted last month and the month before.  Click on each list to see the full-size version.  I'll post more such lists as needed.

I hope this helps you enjoy the blog a little more....

Happy New Year,
Dave S.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Ladies And Gentlemen: Steve Scott!"

After the holidays (barely), I had the great honor of meeting "Steve Scott" (Steve Morris) on January 2, 2012! I was on call for work over the New Years' holiday and had to rush out of work to meet Steve. My best friend David met us as well, since we all had the same interests (Ham radio, KAAY) and David got the chance to meet one of The Greats of KAAY, as well!

It was a beautiful day, albeit a little windy and cool, but we had a blast. We met about halfway, since Steve lives on one end of the county and I live on the other end- David, the lucky soul, lives just five minutes away from our agreed-upon meeting point....!

The picture was taken by David; you can see my "rolling Ham shack" (my truck) sporting its antennas. By the way, Steve is a Ham, as well and operates exclusively CW (Morse Code), from his days in the Navy.

We all had a great time! I'll be meeting with Steve from time to time, since we live reasonably close to one another.

Thank you, Steve!

Bud S. (

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Book! Link To George Jennings

Folks, I have heard from Vicki, who is the editor of San Antonio Radio Memories:


I have been enjoying your 1090 blog/website for some time. Keep up the good work. I started working as an editor on a project a few years ago that involved San Antonio Radio. The result is a book called: San Antonio Radio Memories. There is a connection to KAAY. George Jennings is mentioned in the book. Besides air personalities, the book contains a number of technical/engineering stories. ALL profits from the book go for scholarships and/or to charity.

There is also a website that contains both stories and audio from San Antonio Radio:

Material on the website is different than what is contained in the book.

The photo and the audio of George Jennings on the current website came via A. J. Lindsey. The story in the book is a gathering from the stories that got told at George's Memorial gathering. The book is available at: and It can also be ordered from most bookstores. Pricing of the book is $19.95.

Paul Kirby (book and website contributer) tells me that he used to listen to KAAY during the long winter nights when he was a kid in Minnesota. He mentioned something about a jingle playing continually any time a DJ turned on the microphone. (If I remember correctly) He said the jingle went: K-A-A-Y One-Oh-Nine-Oh

Editor - San Antonio Radio Memories"

Thank you, Vicki! If you go to the website mentioned above, scroll down and click on the link "George Jennings" and see the photo (cropped from original) and listen to the audio of George announcing the Kennedy assassination.

(You may have to copy and paste the link bs).

As Vicki mentioned, the proceeds go to good causes; please get your copy soon!

Bud S. (

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beaker Street With Don Marcus, February 1974

Well, howdy-do!  Former Program Director Wayne Moss sent in a few airchecks, one in which you're about to hear!  This is of the mysterious "Don Marcus", with the opening 44:11 of Beaker Street in February of 1972....and it is unscoped!

According to Steve Morris ("Steve Scott", 1972-74): "Don Marcus was a bit strange (as we all were).  He was a very small guy with great long hair ala; 'Kenny G'.  When he moved to Tucson, I moved into his apartment out by the U of A @ L.R.  I inherited his telephone number, waterbed, furniture, etc.  (back then when ya moved to another radio station, you never took more than you could carry in the trunk of your car).   Of course he worked  from 11pm 'till 5am...By virtue of his shift,(Marcus), he very seldom appeared at any KAAY functions."

(Does anybody remember his real name? Any history at all about him, please? bs)

Steve also remembers that maybe Wayne Moss hired Don Marcus from Kansas City "or somewhere like that"...I called Wayne later and he didn't know very much about him, it had been so long. Wayne told me that Don had left for a very lucrative offer in Arizona while Wayne was on vacation; Don had told Pat walsh that he couldn't pass on the offer and then left....

Steve also adds: "Don Marcus replaced O'Brian (Mike Verdicchio) on Beaker Street, O'Brian came downtown to do 8-11pm.  When Marcus departed for Tucson, Ariz., Wayne hired Ken Knight (Bill Jackson) from Joplin, Mo., to do Beaker Street.  Of course I took over 8-11pm from O'Brian when he left to go to KLZ-FM in Denver."

Wayne had several tapes with audio, others which you'll hear here at a later date; Greg Barman did the digital change-over and Dave Schmidt enacted the link for you.  Greg passed along that one of the tapes' leaders broke as soon as he hit the deck's "Play" was so old...but he was able to crack the case open, repair the leader and enact the transfer.  The audio is basically untouched, except where there may have been some extra noise he tried to remove, or the addition of highs/lows for better listening- otherwise, the tapes are as you, dear listener, would have heard them over the air at the time of their broadcast!

Some tapes needed no cleaning up, however, and were obviously right off the audio chain....

As I've mentioned before, I don't like "digitally cold" recordings...if an over-the-air recording has a little fade, atmospheric crackle, etc., I prefer to have it left alone, because it brings back that warm, nostalgic "feel" of having been there as a kid listening to KAAY- or any other station, for that matter.

My thanks to Wayne Moss for his contributions; to Greg Barman for his audio technicality and drive; to Dave S. for his linkage; and everyone's willingness to put up with my eccentricities in getting all this right for you, dear reader and listener, so that YOUR enjoyment is fulfilled!

Now: "Greetings, QSLers!  This is KAAY, Little Rock!"  Lou Reed, Suzie Quatro, Slade, Alice Cooper and more artists await your ear, as well as an ad for The Warehouse on February 23, 24 and 25 with loads of artists- enjoy!

Bud S. (