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A Day At KAAY #6, May 18, 1971

This hour, from 12 Noon to 1:00 PM, opens with Mitch Michaels (Nick Markel) at the news desk.  I think it is Mitch who announces Marvin Vines, KAAY's Farm Service Director, and the Farm Market and News segment of the day.

Marvin was killed in a farm accident in May of 1978, when a tractor overturned on him.  Many, many folks from governors to the general public attended his funeral.  Andy Vines, his grandson commented in A.J.'s blog...Andy, are you still out there?  For a bit of history from A.J. Lindsey's blog, see this link:

Some radio experts said the varied format KAAY employed would never work.  They were proven wrong.  Marvin Vines' program was an important one and was well received.  I grew up on a farm and, even though I wasn't in the business end (we sustained it for our own use and survival), I understand how important farm news can/could be.

Marvin is followed by Wayne Moss, who airs more great music.  Wayne sounds as great today as he did back then!  Mitch Michaels continues with the news.

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Looks like some folks enjoying radio there on the farm in the above picture!  (This was gleaned from an October 1958 issue of QST, a Ham radio production...but I couldn't resist!  The magazine was issued the same month and year I was born!  Bud)

Again, thanks to Russell Wells for contributing these audio files !

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