Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Day At KAAY #8, May 18, 1971

It's Part 8 of this 13-part series, for your listening pleasure!  Again, opening with Mitch Michaels closing out the news, with Wayne Moss as the deejay, from 2:00 to 3:00 PM.  Mary Donald is on the news desk later in the hour.

I think the mix of music is interesting: late '50s, into the '60s and up to the current music of the day.  So many stations today fill such a narrow niche and play the same songs over and over...I counted one time where the same song had been played nearly twenty times in a day...and that applies to all genre' of stations, country, contemporary Christian, rock of all types, etc.  KAAY played a more varied mix and was much more interesting.

There were Lawn Boy lawn mower commercials sprinkled all throughout the broadcast day, so I thought I'd post a photo of Tommy Riggs with an unknown lady listener, who won a Lawn Boy in a contest:

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Enjoy this next hour of the broadcast day!

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Aren't you enjoying these contributions of Russell Wells ?  I know I am !

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Here We Go Again", From Dave M.

Cox, LIN Retrans Spat Brewing

Nine stations in five markets could go dark March 31

By Mike Farrell, Multichannel News -- Broadcasting & Cable, 3/28/2011 5:42:23 PM

Another retransmission consent battle is brewing at the end of the month, this one between Cox Communications and nine LIN TV broadcast stations in five markets in the Northeast and Southern portions of the country.

LIN's contract with Cox expires on March 31 and involves ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CW and MyNetworkTV affiliates in Mobile, Ala.; New Haven, Conn.; Norfolk, Va.; Providence. R.I.; and Springfield, Mass.

Click here to read the full story at

(LIN Broadcasting, now LIN Television, was the original owner of KAAY "back in the day"...thanks, Dave! Bud S.)

Moving Day, 1941, From Dave Montgomery

Here's an interesting new nugget -


Note the mention of the "Clear Channel" frequencies, which established 1090 kHz as one of several clear channel designations.



March 29, 1941: Radio Stations Shuffle Frequencies on ‘Moving Day’
By Hugh Hart
March 29, 2011 |
7:00 am |
Categories: 20th century, Business and Industry, Communication

1941: Americans wake up on Saturday morning to discover that Jack Benny, Bob Hope and other radio stars of the day no longer occupy their familiar spots on the dial. In a massive shuffle, radio stations have engineered a game of musical chairs at 3 a.m. Eastern time, and 80 percent of North America’s AM frequencies are reassigned to new channels.

This so-called Moving Day resulted from the North American Radio Broadcasting Agreement, negotiated by the United States, Canada and Mexico. The pact extended the AM broadcast band from 1500 kHz to 1600 kHz (mostly called kilocycles rather than kilohertz in those days).

The reordering shifted most existing AM stations’ frequencies in order to create bandwidth for new clear-channel station allocations.

Designed to implement radio standardization throughout the Western Hemisphere, the agreement followed a futile 1939 attempt to squash Mexican “border blasters,” which for three decades would continue to overpower U.S. stations with extremely strong signals.

The agreement established clear-channel frequencies, which afford more protection from electromagnetic skywave interference at night, across the radio dial. The new broadcast order also reserved 1230, 1240, 1340, 1400, 1450 and 1490 kHz mainly for local stations.

Nations including the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and Cuba later signed on to iterations of the NARBA plan.

The ponderously named “Regional Agreement for the Medium Frequency Broadcasting Service in Region 2″ superseded NARBA rules in 1981.

Source: Wikipedia

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Day At KAAY #7, May 18, 1971

We've reached the halfway point in this 13-part series, based on Russell Well's transcriptions of Pat Walsh's audio tapes.

Today's hour, 1:00 to 2:00 PM, opens with Mitch Michaels at the news desk...then, that wonderfully familiar jingle, "Ladies and Gentlemen!  From Little Rock! Wayne Moss! KAAY!" 

I love the music...the deejays had the freedom, given by Pat Walsh and the Program and Music Directors, to "do their thing".

I never had the opportunity to listen to KAAY during the day, only in the evening when that wonderful night-time signal kicked in.  It is a pleasure to hear the daytime deejays, isn't it?

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Again, kudos to Russell Wells for the contribution and to Dave S. for the audio help !

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Friday, March 18, 2011

THE Transmitter

I just heard Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky". This was one of the songs that gave the RCA transmitter a real workout. You just had to hear it to believe it. I think the transmitter loved this song, if that could,be possible.

Here ya go -

Dave M

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Day At KAAY #6, May 18, 1971

This hour, from 12 Noon to 1:00 PM, opens with Mitch Michaels (Nick Markel) at the news desk.  I think it is Mitch who announces Marvin Vines, KAAY's Farm Service Director, and the Farm Market and News segment of the day.

Marvin was killed in a farm accident in May of 1978, when a tractor overturned on him.  Many, many folks from governors to the general public attended his funeral.  Andy Vines, his grandson commented in A.J.'s blog...Andy, are you still out there?  For a bit of history from A.J. Lindsey's blog, see this link:

Some radio experts said the varied format KAAY employed would never work.  They were proven wrong.  Marvin Vines' program was an important one and was well received.  I grew up on a farm and, even though I wasn't in the business end (we sustained it for our own use and survival), I understand how important farm news can/could be.

Marvin is followed by Wayne Moss, who airs more great music.  Wayne sounds as great today as he did back then!  Mitch Michaels continues with the news.

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Looks like some folks enjoying radio there on the farm in the above picture!  (This was gleaned from an October 1958 issue of QST, a Ham radio production...but I couldn't resist!  The magazine was issued the same month and year I was born!  Bud)

Again, thanks to Russell Wells for contributing these audio files !

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Monday, March 14, 2011

LIN TV Broadcasting, Dish Network Reach Accord

...and no, not the car! This Sunday, 3/13/11, I tuned across the satellite band to see that our local affiliate stations had been restored. I had started playing with some outside antennas (which I will continue) for better over-the-air reception, but at least these characters have come to an agreement.

It's all about money...the customers/subscribers are the ones to lose out.
'Nuff said, just my opinion....

Thanks also to Dave M. for the notification and the link:

Bud S. (

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Friend Richard Wiethan/"Buddy Karr"

He was the last Buddy Karr on KAAY. He had been in radio for seven years, even though he died at age 21. He was Richard Wiethan. He was my good friend.

Richard was just 14 years old when he started his first regular shift on the radio. It probably helped that his dad owned the radio station in Malden, Missouri. Even though I never got to hear an air check of the teenager, I would bet that he was pretty good, and was showing that confidence that, I assure you, he had at KAAY.

There were lots of guys around the country on the radio who wanted to work at KAAY back then. A 50.000 watt radio station with an awesome signal that reached a big chunk of the nation, and even several foreign countries. Richard got the opportunity, and worked part time for a while filling in for various D.J.'s. We became good friends and hung out after hours a lot. Since there was not a regular D.J. shift available at the time, he decided to go work at WMPS in Memphis (not too shabby....can you say Elvis?), as a newsman. We kept in touch on a regular basis, both hoping that when something became available, Richard could come running. It wasn't a D.J. shift, but a news opening that came up first. He came back to KAAY as a newsman (I can't remember his news name). Soon Bob Mullins (Buddy Karr #2) left and Richard wanted to move in. I remember, he was not anxious to tell the News Director (Bruce Jenkins), about the move. Bruce had given him the news opportunity, and Richard told me he was not too excited about losing him so soon.

An air check of mine (Sonny Martin) from August of 1966, which was posted here a while back, has a promo of Richard announcing the premier of the new Buddy Karr Program. He started his Buddy Karr fun that week. It lasted until August of 1967.

I have written many good things about working with great people at KAAY. It was an awesome experience, and I made many great friends. However I can only think of one negative thing to say about my time there. It centers around what I thought was a bad decision on their part. They allowed Richard (and Buddy Karr) to simply vanish. Richard was a part of his National Guard unit back in Missouri. He had to return each month for drill, etc. In August of 1967 he went with his unit for summer camp in Minnesota. There he was involved in an accident that took his life. Knowing we were good friends, the station called me with the news. I was then working in Little Rock television. I wondered how they would handle the news on the air. They handled it by not doing anything. Just kept on Rockin 'n Rollin'. I thought it was a big story for the stations listeners, and I called my friends there to question their handling of it. I don't know if they did not want to explain the "Buddy is really Richard" thing or if they simply were off guard and did not know what to do. Since the accident happened in Minnesota, and the employer didn't report it, it was left generally unreported. I thought my friend's memory deserved better. Ron Owens (Newsman Walt Sadler) did call me later to tell me that the station would retire the Buddy Karr name. I always felt that it was partially for my benefit.

Richard had a great voice, loved working at KAAY, and was a good friend. He was married just a few weeks before his death to his high school sweetheart. I attended his funeral in Malden, Missouri. Five months later I had a son. My wife and I decided to name him Michael Richard.

Jerry----Sonny Martin #2------Sims

(Thank you, Jerry, for that touching is a picture of the "KAAY Gang"...Richard is the 2nd from the left, front row against the side of the vehicle.  Jerry is in the second row on the other side of the vehicle, fourth from the left.  bs)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Day At KAAY #5, May 18, 1971

We're at Part 5 of Pat Walsh's 13-part archive of a KAAY broadcast day !

Phil North is again at the helm, from 11:00 AM to 12 Noon.  Mitch Michaels is again the newsman.  Enjoy!

Are the memories flooding in, folks?  Remember, we love comments, so please leave yours!

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Again, compliments of Russell Wells' collection and Dave S.'s audio postings !

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Monday, March 7, 2011

A Departure From KAAY: LIN TV Broadcasting and Dish Network

This weekend, I found that LIN TV Corporation, formerly LIN Broadcasting, has demanded a 175% increase in fees to Dish Network, for the latter to pay so that they may rebroadcast Fox 10 TV in the local Mobile, AL area.  There were also 27 stations in 17 cities that "went dark".  Dish Network says that they have tried negotiating with LIN, but all calls are now being ignored....and Fox 10 TV's signal is now blocked from Dish Network by LIN.  It seems both are blaming one another...see this link:

Since the digital TV changeover, this particular TV station's signal to my area of the boondocks leaves MUCH to be desired.  We are about to enter hurricane season in a few months and we here on the Gulf Coast need to be able to gather as much weather information, from as many sources, as possible.  Fox 10 here in Mobile has a very good weather staff, as well as a news staff, and I am well aquainted with the weekday morning news anchor.  Both of us have a love of radio and he was a radio station owner in the past.  He even remembers KAAY when he was stationed abroad with the Air Force....

Hopefully, Dish Network and LIN TV Corporation can hammer out their differences.  I'll be contacting LIN myself shortly....

Bud S. (

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dead CD players?? From Dave M.

. . . and in a related story, there is a prediction that the auto makers will make in-car CD players "dead" by 2015

We're Calling It: The In-Dash CD Player Dies in 2015

(I guess with everything going to computers, we'll have it all on a little bitty chip-thing and "won't need radio" any more?  BAH!  Give me not only radio, but tubes, too!  Bud S.)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

In the "somewhat related category" -‏ From Dave M.

There's an interesting story in the Amazon-dot-dom blog site

regarding the birth, life (and death) of the in-car tape decks, and a good background on listening habits while driving - .

This is a great review of car listening habits, in-car tape systems, and indirectly helps build the foundation for the migration of listeners away from radio and toward other forms of media. Here's the hook from a New York Times article:

"According to experts who monitor the automotive market, the last new car to be factory-equipped with a cassette deck in the dashboard was a 2010 Lexus. While it is possible that a little-known exception lurks deep within some automaker’s order forms, a survey of major automakers and a search of new-car shopping Web sites indicates that the tape deck is as pass√© as tailfins on a Caddy."


(Thank you, Dave!  Bud S.)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Day At KAAY #4, May 18, 1971

We continue Russell Well's series of the Pat Walsh recordings of KAAY, May 18, 1971.

Phil North picks up at 10:00 to 11:00 AM and Mitch Michaels (Nick Markel) is still at the news desk.

I always remembered Phil North in the evening, but this was unusual to me that he was on in the morning.  Jonnie King called me, also puzzled as to why Phil was on in the morning...someone must have been on vacation, or had to be away for some reason.  Nonetheless, Phil's great voice is at work here, as I remembered it!  This time, Sonny Martin (Matt White) is in the Cash Cruiser.

The first time I called and spoke with Phil (now Eric Chase of Eric Chase Creative Services, ), it was as if time turned back for an instant!  I told him his voice was one one I'd wanted to hear again for so many years....

Great music, bringing back great memories.  Historic news.  And those great advertisements by the KAAY folks.  Enjoy, compliments of Russell Wells' collection !

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