Saturday, March 31, 2018

Clyde Clifford For Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?

Folks, I have heard from "moparjeff" several times about starting something like this and it looks like things are maybe taking's his e-mail to me:

"We have a good following going on Facebook to get Clyde Clifford in the RRHOF.  There are almost 300 people liking the idea.  I have been encouraging them to write letters to the nominating committee, although I don't know how many of them have, but I do know it's a good number of them.  From the research I have done, this appears to be the best way to make this happen.  The award Dale (Seidenschwarz) would be eligible for is the Ahmet Ertegun Award as a non-performer.  The recipient of this award is chosen by a subcommittee of six people from the main nominating committee.  The nominating committee meets in September.  The address is: The Nominating Committee, Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, 1290 Avenue Of The Americas, New York, NY 10104. 

I have been sharing the blog address whenever I can.  Please feel free to share this on the blog.

Your KAAY Beaker Street friend, Jeff"

Thank you, Jeff!  I wish all the success to you and the fellow nominators out there!

Bud S. (

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

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