Friday, February 21, 2014

Tin Can Alley moves to KAAY1090 !

Great news! Barry Mac's weekly Tin Can Alley podcast/broadcast is back on the AM airways!  Barry tells us that

... starting next week, the show will go back to being shorter, inside of an hour, as it's going to be airing on a station again.  And the station this time will be...


It's rightful home, after all.  AM 1090.  Kinda what the show is about.  One of the big AMs that I grew up listening to.  My first radio job, and ended up having a 20 year association with.  And to quote John Denver, which I ordinarily would never do, "Hey, it's great to be back home again."

Tin Can Alley will appear every Saturday, 1pm, on KAAY 1090 --- check it out (either on your radio or on the podcast posted to the right of this posting) !

Monday, February 17, 2014

Richard Robinson Lecture On Beaker Street

Dear Bud:

I wanted you to know that this coming Tuesday night (February 18th), I will present a lecture about Beaker Street on the campus here at UT Martin. Here is the link to the story on the UTM web page:

I'm a bit nervous about it, but looking forward to it as well. Just wanted to let you know. Hope you are well.



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Advertised Groups On Beaker Street

There's been something rolling around my brain for days...nay, WEEKS, now...that, in-between snatches of sleep and long work hours, I've wanted to tackle. Well, here 'tis!

Remember all the great acts and artists advertised on Beaker Street? How many did YOU get to go see? My best friend and fellow Beaker Street fan here in Mobile remembers making the scene at The Warehouse for numerous concerts. I was a little young, being six years younger than he, but can remember much of the music, nonetheless, even if I didn't actually make the concerts until years later....

Here, in no particular order, are only some of the artists advertised on Beaker Street, and their respective links or other info:

-Quicksilver Messenger Service:


-Urban James: (source missing)

-It's A Beautiful Day:'s_a_Beautiful_Day

-Aliotta, Haynes & Jeremiah:

-The Allman Brothers Band:


-Black Oak Arkansas:

These are only SOME of the acts that come to mind (what's left of it, after lots of hours working);Follow other YouTube links associated with those above to enjoy more of each group's music- sometimes, full albums are available to enjoy! If you have others you'd like to see here, please leave a comment below.

Bud S. (