Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Day At KAAY #12, May 18, 1971

Ladies and gentlemen!
From Little Rock:
Jonnie King!

He's your King, and your King loves you!  Jonnie said this quite a lot- and meant it!  This segment of the evening is only a little over thirty-one minutes long, from 6:00 PM on, preceding the nightly religious block; he took his regular show back up at 8:00 PM.  Jonnie's shift went from 6:00 until 11:00 PM, when Beaker Street with Clyde Clifford took over.

You'll notice Mitch Michaels (Nick Markel) opening this segment with a weather report of a tornado watch in three Arkansas counties.  Something unusual to listen for: there are several "blips" of possible news audio under the first song of the hour!  Maybe some of those open sliders on the board while cueing up carts, maybe?

Jonnie sounds as good today as he did in this broadcast; we speak over the phone plenty these days.  What a great pleasure it is to speak regularly with The Greats to whom I listened so many years ago!

(or stream/download here from the archive page)

One more segment to go in this remarkable series saved for us by Russell Wells --- stayed tuned for Part 13 !

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