Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Russell Jones' Story

Here is even more info from Facebook, posted Oct. 1, 2018...Russell tells his story and is celebrating 40 years in broadcasting!

"For my radio friends and former co-workers. Today marks my 40th year in broadcasting. I was taking a public affairs class at UALR and Terry Caldwell came up to me after a class and said, "Russell (I) want (you) to intern in the news department at KAAY!!!" Without hesitation this freshman said yes! I went to work with Marvin Vines, John Philpot, Lee Frank, Susan Rist and of course Terry Caldwell. Got to host a public affairs show. Jack Randle was doing mornings. Carl Hamilton was the GM.... Multimedia still owned station. Dave Montgomery, and Felix McDonald helped me study and get 3rd class license. Over the years I have met and interviewed local and national politicians, movie stars , sports figures, covered sporting events, major news stories like Titan 2 explosion in Damascus., murder trials, have done play by play for travs., worked with Jim Elder.  Been President of the Arkansas Associated Press Broadcasters Association for 5 years and won the Mark Twain award and Best Newscast and Sportscast while working for KWOZ. I have worked and learned from the very best radio and TV people, too many to name here over the past 40 years. I have had fun. but sometime in 2019, I will, because of technology and health, have to call it quits. Learned a lot in television working at AETN. Broadcasting has been a second family.

 Have a great day!!!"

Thank you, Russell!

Bud S. (

Russell Jones Revisited

Folks, I just happened to run into Russell Jones on Facebook, on a KAAY page and asked his story.  This is what I got:

"Bud, my story was I did news and I probably was filling in and got on somebody's aircheck by accident because I usually did the 9- midnight shift or did overnights . My airchecks were news or over on KLPQ where Stuart (McRae) or John Ramsey would chew me out for not hitting the post just right."

And here's a link from Drew Durigan's blog, as well...pretty much tells all of our stories,!

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

David B. Treadway: Home Resting

Some of you may or may not know that some of us talked David B. Treadway into writing a book...and little did he know, he said he'd retired and a book has been too much like work.  Hard work!

Needless to say, I got word that he was hospitalized a few days ago, but he's home resting and recuperating.  No particulars were given, due to privacy, I am sure.  Needless to say, we all want to wish David B. a speedy recovery.

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KAAY Program 75 Picks

Thanks to Doug Virden, friend of the Mighty 1090 KAAY blog, he found this posted on a Facebook page somewhere and sent it in to share:

Per Doug, "...its a chart of the most requested songs of the week in September 1975."

Very cool!  We're always looking for memorabilia such as this!  Thank you, Doug!

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