Wednesday, February 26, 2020

"Steve Scott" On KAAY II

Without further ado, here is another "Steve Scott" aircheck!  From July 29, 1974:

Once again, thanks to Greg B. for carefully and lovingly preserving this recording for us to enjoy!

Bud S. (

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Arkansas Business Article, Re: David B. Treadway

Memorial, Re: David B. Treadway, By Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas contacted me a few days ago after he learned of David B. Treadway's goin on to Radio Heaven:

"Sad, sad news. My thoughts and prayers are sent out to the Treadway family. David B. Treadway – a singular soul if there ever was one. My time spent with him was limited and sporadic, but it was always fantastic. Forty years ago, when I started my on-air work at KKYK David was music director. Here I was an 18-year old know-nothing and David was always kind enough to answer all my questions (often with a pun or two) and lend an attentive ear. He was a straight shooter. I certainly tried to follow his advice, and it not only made me a better employee, it made me a better person. His way of communicating was more than just simple words, it was of someone telling you about his life - what maybe worked and didn’t work out for him. And it stuck. Sometimes in life you come across a few people like that.

I ran into and talked with David over the ensuing years, and the last time I spoke with him he was leaving US97 and retiring. The quick wit and humor were flowing. David had a certain nickname he gave me and never forgot it. He said it was a “term of endearment.” I’ll take that. A cherished way to remember him. Rest in peace, friend. Maybe someday the world will discover the question you often pondered - is Mick Jagger black yet?"
Thank you, Eric!  Beautiful memories....

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

"Steve Scott" On KAAY!

Steve Morris, a.k.a. "Steve Scott", contacted me awhile back after having found some reel-to-reel tapes in his storage.  (Steve and I live near the Mobile, AL area, within about an hour of one another.)  He thought that they were KAAY, WABB and WROA airchecks and he was correct!  What we have here are some airchecks, back-to-back of him on KAAY...these utilize the beginning and end of a song, with him announcing in between the songs.  (This was typical when a dee jay may be thinking about checking out another station's employment opportunities...the station personnel would hear how the dee jay handled himself/herself on the air.  The songs were irrelevant to them.)

You'll notice the usage of the callsign, "Kay-Double-A-Why", which, in earlier years, was frowned upon because under noisy conditions, the callsign could be mistaken.  In later years, it was taken up again by some dee jays.  Needless to say, KAAY somehow got mail with the callsign, "KWAY, Little Rock, AR" and other variations, but the post office always seemed to get it there, knowing that this monstrous station was in Little Rock!  (I'd almost bet there were some listeners inside the Postal Service who where cool enough to know about KAAY!).

Nonetheless, here is one of the airchecks...we figure it was in January 1976:

MANY thanks to Greg B. for his audio wizardry and loving care in lifting these and other recordings from aging tape and sharing with us!

Bud S. (

Saturday, February 8, 2020

David B. Treadway, The Last "Doc Holiday",Former PD KAAY, 1986: R.I.P.

It is with heavy heart that I have to report that David B. Treadway passed away last night, February 7, 2020.  He fought a battle with cancer, but even though Earth lost a great man with a heart as big as Arkansas, Heaven won, in that he joined some of the other Greats and, according to Scott Charton, has probably "started a bluegrass band" there, and "has Saint Peter in stitches".  I couldn't agree more, Scott....

I'll bet he's already met with Jerry Sims and Felix McDonald, having a good laugh and enjoying old times, and yet marveling at all that is around them...this is  picture of the trio of Greats when I went to Little Rock back in 2012, and this was taken right after visiting the transmitter site just up the road....

David B. was a passionate man, passionate about radio and about those around him.  I never heard him paying music, but I understand he could really pick a tune.  The picture above is when I travelled to Little Rock in 2012 and David B., Jerry Sims and I went to the transmitter site.  We were tearing up pretty heavy when Jerry and I took pictures of David B. caressing Big Momma, and as he told me later, "listening for her soul", and "listening to her whispering to me".  I didn't know if the pictures came out or not, because I could hardly see through the tears.  This was my picture, with Jerry Sims to my left...

...and this was Jerry's picture.  Thank goodness for auto-focusing digital cameras...if I'd have had my old Pentax K1000, my picture would have been blurry and shaky.  By the way, Gordon Stephan was to Jerry's left, looking on, as well.

It was a touching few moments as David B. listened to Big Momma...I was also told by Dave Montgomery that Felix McDonald had the engineers use Simonize Wax on the face of the massive RCA 50,000-watt transmitter...and, even though she's been neglected all those years in the old building, she still had a shiny face...see David's face reflecting back?

What love David B. had for that old transmitter...he touched her as if she were a holy shrine...which to us, was.  Two Greats, David B. Treadway and The RCA 50,000-watt transmitter, which launched his and many more voices across the ether. ( That's Gordon Stephan behind David, looking on.  I'm not sure how it was affecting him.)

Later, as we tromped around in the back of the transmitter, I was able to take these candid photos:

This was a mixer (called "The Yard", because it was three feet long) that David B. found laying on the floor in back of the main circuitry of Big Momma.  That's Gordon Stephan behind him, facing away and David B.'s son Matt Treadway facing toward his dad.
This is David B. and Jerry Sims behind the panels of Big Momma, next to two of the massive transformers, looking around at the backside of the transmitter....

This is David and I behind the transmitter, just after he found "The Yard" mixer...Matt Treadway is in the background...

...and David B. at the sign out front of the transmitter building, with Jerry Sims....

...and here is an account of us looking for Glaspie Dillard out in the antenna field:

I'll also bet my bottom bippie that David B. has found Glaspie and has smothered him in hugs and laughter...I can hear him now: "Hey, son, we been lookin' for you!  It's good to finally meet you!"

Hugs; that's what I remember about David B.  Just before we got to a meeting point just before going to the transmitter, Jerry had to stop for gas; the station didn't have batteries, so I ran across the crossroads to the Dollar General (they're everywhere, you know) and got some.  As I walked out, I heard a BOOMING voice, "Hey, Bud Stacey!".  I tuned and there was a tall man hanging out of a small pickup truck and I realized who he was...and Matt was in the passenger seat.  I tried not to break into a run, but walked up in reverence and held out my hand to shake his...and he used it as a handle to pull me through the window to smother me in a big bear hug!  Later, as he dropped me off, he smothered me again and I felt that I was truly accepted by this big, tender, bear of a man.

The Voice of Arkansas is now a Voice in Heaven.  There were quite a few people who were fortunate to work with him...the latest, I think, was Vicky Parker at US 97, 96.7 The Rocket, near Little Rock.  They were a great morning team...and I was able to call in a few times while they were on the air, all the way from Mobile, Alabama!

I'll bet there was a lot of clowning around...maybe David was wondering where his audio went for a few seconds!  His last day at US 97 was Friday, February 10, 2017.

I have been told that there will be a Celebration of David’s life at the Ron Robinson theatre on Sunday February 16th from 3-5pm.

I could write volumes about what I do know of David B., what little time I spent with him and talked to him thereafter...but there's not the time nor the space.  Suffice it to say, many KAAY fans were influenced by David B., whether he knows it or not...but if he did, his humbleness wouldn't let us know.  He was just that way.

For those of you who would like to hear a little of David B., here's some audio:

To Matt Treadway and the rest of the Treadway family: God bless you, we are praying for you.

To David B. Treadway; I hope to see you again in Heaven.

Bud S. (

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Return of Beaker Street on hold due to illness

Bad news: Clyde's return to the airwaves has been placed on indefinite hold due to a significant health problem.  Three days ago, Clyde's wife, Trish Seidenschwartz, posted the news on the Beaker Street Facebook group; here is an excerpt:
On Jan. 6, 2020, after being poked, prodded, and being subjected to various other indignities, Clyde was given the diagnosis of early stage Multiple Myeloma. While it is a serious diagnosis hopes are high for getting this into remission quickly since there is no cure.
Chemo was started on MLK day and continues. So far, so good. Only one minor bit of turbulence which was very quickly brought under control by his doctor.
Clyde does not want to commit to either you, the listeners, or to the station until he is sure he can honor that commitment.
We are optimistic that things will go well but treatment will involve a stem cell transplant at some point so we are going day by day, treatment by treatment.

We thank you all so much for your love, prayers, kind thoughts and above all, your understanding.
Unfortunately, multiple myeloma (and its treatment) are pretty rough stuff, but a successful treatment can keep a person going for years and years.  If you wish, you can send your best wishes to Clyde via Trish on her Facebook account.

---Dave S.