Monday, November 13, 2017

Recent Pictures From Doug Virden

"Saw this on top of the console where Clyde did Beaker Street.  This was a very big football rivalry when Arkansas was in the Southwest Conference.  Even had a bet between KAAY and WOAI one year, unfortunately Arkansas came out on the losing end of that bet.

The console used to sit in front of the old RCA, it has since been moved in front of the Harris Transmitter which has been there since 1980.  The new transmitter is still in the crate and I will post a pic of it for the next post and give an update on it."

Thanks, Doug.  I remember when the console was in front of the old RCA back when I visited back in April 2012.  Wish I had all those notebooks there, too.  I wonder if any of the old station logs have been thrown away, too?

Thank you for sharing, Doug, we'll be looking for more coming our way!

Bud S. (

Friday, November 10, 2017

Comments From Cuba, From Antonio Diaz

In fact I didn't remember anyone been jailed for listen to radio stations from USA but if the police or any communist official got you doing that you end up been marked as a gusano (dissident).I'm a living example of that I was thrown out of university of Havana in 1980,they found out that I was an underground music fan and was listening Beaker Street every night in my house and finally I had to head north to America.
---Antonio Diaz
on More Cuban Comments

It's very exciting to know that people from Cuba took the time to send letters to the staff of KAAY, I'm Cuban and by that time 1973 I was a diehard listener of the station, Beaker Street was my favorite program I didn't miss them , each night I used to turn on my radio on 1090 khz from 1971 when I first discovered the station until September 27 1977 that beaker street wasn't on the air and never again I had the chance to hear BS I still don't know what happened, anyway I still keep those memories as my fondest, there's no doubt about it KAAY was the best station I've ever heard in my life.
---Antonio Diaz
on Long DX Letter From Cuba

Friday, November 3, 2017

Tower Pictures

Took some pics of the towers and you will notice fencing around each tower as well as where the guy wires connect to the insulators on the ground.  It was raining off and on the day I was there so I didn't get close up to the towers.

Once again, Doug, thank you for the pictures and the update!

Bud s. (