Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Two Milestones Achieved!

HOLY SMOKES!  It just occurred to me that The Mighty 1090 Blogspot and KAAY have reached two milestones: Labor Day, 1962, was 57 years ago when KAAY came into being...and we (the blog) have recently surpassed ten years in existence! 

I would have never dreamed that we (the blog) would ever last this long.  Yes, there have been lean times, with very little material, but overall, our archiving has achieved its purpose: to get together as many memories as possible for everyone to enjoy, anytime they wished.  Yes, there is other material out there, but we have been unable to convince the "owners" to share it.  Nonetheless, maybe one day....

In the meantime, please enjoy what we have here and also the weekly offerings of Barry Mac and his programs, so lovingly put together by himself, then posted by Dave S.  Please remember Greg B. who has also retrieved so much almost-lost material and lovingly massaged it back to health and posted it here.  And I, Bud S., appreciate your kind comments and patience with me with my meanderings here on these pages.

Happy birthday to us and KAAY!

Bud S. (