Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Eve on Beaker Street! Dec 31, 1971 (into 1972) - Second Half + A telescoped version

This is the second half of the Beaker Street show from New Year's Eve 1971.   It's already past midnight and into 1972 on this aircheck, and Clyde Clifford is having a good time playing the tunes, talking with listeners hundreds of miles away, and enjoying some awfully good eggnog with strong nutmeg.   The aircheck is untelescoped with a few gaps here and there.

Parts 3 & 4 -- Discography:
The Guess Who - Friends of Mine
Iron Butterly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Deep Water Reunion - Cindy's Cryin'
King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King
Black Oak Arkansas - Lord Have Mercy On My Soul/When Electricity Came to Arkansas
REO Speedwagon - Gypsy Woman's Band
Grateful Dead - Uncle John's Band
The Incredible Broadside Brass Bed Band - The Great Grizzly Bear Hunt

Here are parts 3 and 4:

Part 3

(or download here)

Part 4

(or download here)

For those of you who are mainly interested in the programming elements, here's a telescoped version of the entire aircheck:

(or download here)
Happy New Year everybody! from The Mighty 1090 KAAY Blog.

Greg Barman

Friday, December 26, 2014

New Year's Eve on Beaker Street! Dec 31, 1971 - First Half

Here's some Beaker Street to help you get in the frame of mind for New Year's Eve.  It's a NYE Beaker Street show from December 31, 1971, going into the wee hours of Jan 1 1972.   I don't know who originally recorded this show, I got it from another collector with no additional information but it sounds like a local aircheck.  Thank you, whoever recorded this, it's a great show!   The aircheck is divided into 4 segments, covering most of the 3 hour show, and mostly untelescoped with a few gaps.

Doing the show as usual from the remote KAAY transmitter site, It sure sounds like Clyde Clifford is celebrating the New Year, and I mean something beyond a countdown to midnight and Auld Lang Syne!  Long songs are the norm on Beaker Street.  But this night Clyde is playing some VERY long songs, like Iron Butterfly's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida", and "The Court of the Crimson King" by King Crimson.  Listen to Clyde and see what you think.

Parts 1 & 2 -- Discography:
Alice Cooper - Black Juju
Jethro Tull - Aqualung
Black Oak Arkansas - Uncle Lijah
Love Sculpture - Mars/Sabre Dance
Grateful Dead - Truckin'
T. Rex - Bang a Gong

Unknown - Auld Lang Syne
Don Ellis - Pussy Wiggle Stomp
Pink Floyd - Careful With That Axe Eugene
The Guess Who - Friends of Mine

The spots include A Warehouse in New Orleans.  The Allman Brothers and REO Speedwagon were playing there that weekend and tickets were only 5 BUCKS -- wow!  Other advertisers are Floyd's Record Shop, Jefferson Manor Apartments, Coca-Cola and Stag Beer. 

Clyde mentions listeners in Wisconsin, Missouri and Louisiana, and we all know there were plenty more.  Imagine thousands of people celebrating New Year's in their own way, with Beaker Street blasting thru the skywaves and rocking out of radios all over the place to bring in 1972 !  

Here are the first two parts:

Part 1

(or download here)
Part 2

(or download here)

Greg Barman

Monday, December 22, 2014

KAAY DJ's Merry Xmas Message

A several of years ago, I had the great idea to get as many KAAY deejays to send in audio Christmas greetings; several were able to and Greg Barman mixed them with vintage KAAY Christmas audio spots.  We thought it would be appropriate that we bring it back!

Sadly, Jerry Sims, one of the "Sonny Martins", is no longer with us, but his spirit lives on in these and other recordings... so, please enjoy him and the other deejays in their holiday greetings to you all!  Roll it, Greg!

(or download here)
Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)

Friday, December 19, 2014


A Special "Hi" to all of our friends of  "The Mighty 1090/KAAY" !   For those of you who are new to our Blog, for almost every year since I started in Broadcasting I've created a Special Holiday Viewing List...and for 2014 I've expanded it !

It includes Movies, DVD's, Videos, and, some rare TV Episodes !  To see the COMPLETE list, simply Click-On the following Link and you're on your way:    http://www.jonnieking.net/gpage24.html

And, as that "Jolly Little Man In Red" says: "A Merry Christmas To All...Each And Everyone" !

Jonnie  www.jonnieking.net


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

KAAY Phil North on the weekend before Xmas 1970

"Phil North" (Eric Chase), because of his talents and voice, was said by one of The Greats to be "an amazing young man".  Many of us agree- he had "that voice"!  We pondered whether we had any more Christmas audio by any of the deejays of KAAY and I found this!  We'd posted it before, and agreed it was fitting that we bring it back...so enjoy!  This is from Saturday night, December 19, 1970:

(or download here)
I see Dave S. over there, dressed in his Santa suit and dark glasses, starting to sample the egg nog...I see Greg B. over there in HIS Santa suit, sampling the finger sandwiches...I'd better get MY suit on and dive into the goodies, too, before they're all gone...MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYBODY!!!!

Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Beaker Street April 3, 1971 Part 2

I've had to do some listening and investigative work to try and decipher some of A. J.'s notes on his recordings.  I believe this is Part Two of 4/3/71...

(or download here)
There may be one or two 'scoped areas in this recording.  Hey, how about those concert ticket prices?

Thanks, Greg!

Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Don Payne, Former KAAY Jock, Indiana Hall Of Fame

Don Payne, who passed away on this day in 2010, was the last deejay to air Beaker Street on KAAY, before "the suits" shut it down.  I have petitioned the Arkansas Broadcasters Assn. to do the same as the Indiana Broadcasters Assn. and induct him- so far, no response.

Don worked for KAAY and KLPO in Arkansas, and WZPL and WAZY in Indiana and was the Director of Engineering at WKRQ in Cincinnati, OH before coming back to Indianapolis, IN to be Chief Engineer for Radio One, for a TV station and four radio stations.

Don was also an Amateur radio operator, but we never got to speak over the air, due to his condition in his last days....

It is only fitting that we honor Don at this time, as we air Beaker Street airchecks.  I can hear his hearty laughter now, knowing he is in a better place.  Thank you, Don!


Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Former KAAY News Director Ron Casteel, R.I.P.

Just got the word from Scott Charton early afternoon 12/9/14:

"Dear Bud,

Some sad news, the passing of former KAAY news director Ron Casteel, who also served as morning anchor in the early 1980's. Ron had been in declining health over the last two years. 


Scott Charton
Charton Communications
& Consulting"
Funeral services will be Friday, 11AM December 12, 2014 at Dulle-Trimble Funeral Home...please see the link for more information.
Another Great, passed on into eternity.  Through Scott's information, I'd just found out Ron was also a Ham radio operator (N6CSS).  He was a very accomplished man; I will be trying to find the movie "Ground Zero" in which he starred.
Thanks to Scott Charton...see you later, Ron....

Monday, December 8, 2014

Beaker Street April 3, 1971 Part 1

In this version, I believe it is Tom Perryman's voice in the introduction.  Tom's voice was used for years at KAAY, who would sent a request to WAKY, Tom would record his voice on tape and send them to KAAY, who would then build on it and change it tremendously!

I've talked with Tom a few times and can recognize that voice today!  Tom mentioned that he was amazed at how KAAY would make his voice sound so much more effective with sound effects.  Tom's voice is STILL amazing today!

OK, I know, you want to get to the good stuff!  So here goes with Beaker Street from April 3, 1971:

(or download here)
Lately, as I drive to work in the pre-dawn times, I've been reliving memories of listening to Beaker Street while driving all those many years ago.  I am eternally thankful to those who thought to record all this audio we're able to share today!

Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Beaker Street Change, Part 2....

The other change that occurred on Beaker Street was that of the 17:52-length background music bed entitled "Cannabis Sativa" on the album called "Head"  This was an oddly other-world music bed played behind Clyde Clifford's voice to mask the huge fan noise from the transmitter only 10-12 feet away...and it was very effective!  As a young lad, it ran chills up & down my spine as I listened late at night....

It was recorded in 1970, under the Buddah Records label, at the Gold Star Studios in Hollywood (CA).  The artist was a Los Angeles-based electronic musician known variously as Nik Raicevic or Nik Pascal.  You may- or may not- be surprised to know that it was recorded using a Moog synthesizer!

This is another album I'd like to find, for historical value.

Side A, which Clyde used, held "Cannabis Sativa"  Side B held "Methedrine" and "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide".  This was definitely a "druggie" album...

The credits and notes are as follows from http://www.discogs.com/HEAD-HEAD/release/582895


  • Artwork [Coloring Book Drawings]Cathy Siracusa
  • EngineerDoc (14)
  • Other [Credits Coloring Book] – Neil Bogart, Richard Robinson, Soulful Soozin
  • Producer, Composed By, Photography By [Cover Photo]Nik Raicevic
  • Synthesizer [Moog]107-34-8933


Recorded at: Gold Star Studios in Hollywood.
Electronic Music from ART IN SPACE.The sound of numbers for soaking in soft dreams. Sweet moments and private notes making a rhyme into a habit. An album that creates the ultimate environment for the smoke generation.
Taste it.
Original released in 1968 as Numbers on Narco Records / Cat.# nr 101.
Comes with an 8 page coloring booklet

 I believe Greg B. had posted this before, but since we're going for the historical value of Beaker Street, we'll give you the audio again!  Hit it, Greg!

(or download here)
And so, we enter a new era of Beaker Street...thank you, Clyde, for being so innovative!  Please stay tuned....

Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)