Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Ladies And Gentlemen...BOOOOM!...Steve Scott!" "K-A-A-Y!!!"

Steve Morris, a.k.a "Steve Scott", has blessed me with several stories and pictures and graced my Amateur Radio "tailgater" ("The Satsuma 'Tail-Gator", held twice a year in Satsuma, AL, "'Gator Country!"), an outdoor swapfest and electronic flea market.  Such a great gentleman, he is also one of The Greats of KAAY!  Steve has been in communications in one form or another for a long time and is an avid Morse Code enthusiast on Amateur Radio.  I was never able to really master "the code", rather stayed with voice communications...but there's always the interest...

Nonetheless, Steve has been mentioned several times here on this blog, sharing stories with us.  Once, when Steve came by my swapfest, he brought a photo album...and I almost went into a running fit when I saw what was in it!  So, I want to share with you (in no certain order) what Steve shared with me!

The following letter, signed by Wayne Moss and dated April 10, 1974, is an acceptance of Steve's employment with KAAY:

Steve told me that Wayne once told him, as he got started on the station, that he had the whole world listening to the 50,000-watt station...Steve said it sobered him a little....!!!

Coming up is a picture of Steve and Bill Jackson, who was a "Ken Knight" at the time; Steve has mentioned Bill Jackson can put Bill's name in the upper left-hand search box for more posts.  So what we have here is a night-time shot of Steve and Bill at a concert in 1974 shortly after he came to KAAY, at UALR (University of Arkansas at Little Rock); Steve is sporting a shirt from a local band called, "River City".

Keep tuned for more of Steve's pictures!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Ray And Ram Show #2....

OK, if your ribs have healed from the first post, get ready to laugh them sore again!  Thanks to Greg Barman, here is another Ray and Ram Show!  from May 1980.

Or, listen/download from here:

(or download here)

No wonder this guy (and his alter personality) were so popular!

Bud S. (

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Please remember to lower your flags in remembrance of those who laid down their lives for you- and remember their families, too, for the loss of their loved ones....

It ain't about beer and BBQ....

GOD bless our military.

Bud S. (

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Candid Bloopers Commercial Tape!

Here's a funny tape (dated 7/8/1972) with several attempts and final cuts of commercials, by George Jennings and Sonny Martin III/Matt White.

We'd mentioned Heavy George of The Little Barn 'way back...and now we have audio of him and George Jennings doing commercials!

Please be patient...there may be l-o-n-g gaps between cuts...listen all the way to the end of the link, there's something on all of them....

(or download here)
Thanks to Greg Barman for his help in bringing these commercials to the blog!

Bud S. (

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Ray And Ram Show!

Ray Lincoln has been mentioned here on this blog and at A.J. Lindsey's blog numerous times.  Ray was an extremely talented radio personality who had worked at several stations in the Little Rock market.

Rather than re-invent the wheel, you can click this link to read much more about Ray Lincoln:

Recently, there was a posting on the Mighty 1090 KAAY Facebook page that there would be some audio posted on YouTube.  We've been able to bring it here to you, thanks to Greg Barman's efforts!

Or, listen/download from here:

(or download here)

Please stay tuned for more Ray and Ram!

Bud S. (

Thursday, May 15, 2014

You've Noticed That I'm Back?

Or did you notice I was ever gone?

As Dave Schmidt mentioned months and months ago, my workload increased tremendously; I'd taken on another job to be able to pay the medical bills from my daughter's surgery that our insurance didn't cover.  What would have been years in paying at one job, I was able to do in eleven months working an extra job several nights a week...but at a tremendous cost to my physical being....

Needless to say, things have smoothed out a bit; I'm still working the second job, but at some reduced hours, since the business now has a full crew; before, I was working almost full-time on a part-time job.  Plus, with government meddling in our health care system, hours per employee were cut so that the business wouldn't have to pay insurance.  Thanks, current administration....

Also, as an upgrade, and a tremendous boon to my daughter, we had HughesNet internet installed; DishNet, supposedly "available everywhere", ISN'T.. and we've been Dish satellite TV customers for fourteen years.  We almost shut Dish off, until they gave us a deal- but, even though we have a neighbor 500 yards down the street who has had DishNet internet since its inception, we still couldn't get it!!!  So, HughsNet allowed my daughter to be able to stay home and take her online college courses, instead of having to stay at college and travel all hours of the night after her regular classes (even though we live twenty minutes from University of Mobile).  So, she was able to work on the class safely at home...

...which leads me to MY upgrade: the new internet service is much, MUCH faster than the old dial-up we had- which means, on my evenings off from the second job, I can again delve into research and help manage this blog, without further burdening Dave S. and Greg B.  I still depend HEAVILY on both of these fine gentlemen, who have worked SO hard behind the scenes- and in my place- to keep this historical blog alive.

Even though contributions have pretty much stopped, every now and then, one of us hears from someone or turns up a lead- which results in new material for the blog!  WE STILL NEED YOU, DEAR READER, TO HELP US WITH MATERIAL!  So, if it is KAAY-related, please contact me at the e-mail address below- whether it be a story, a memory, memorabilia (pictures of or the actual thing), audio, pictures- what-have-you, PLEASE SHARE IT WITH US, so we can share it with other KAAY enthusiasts!

Thank you, Greg Barman and Dave Schmidt, for being a blessing to me and to the dear readers who visit us!  MAY WE HEAR FROM YOU, DEAR READER?

Bud S. (

Monday, May 12, 2014

More Classic Commercials

On this tape marked 7/21/1972, we find the famous Wayne Moss in the opening ads!  John Miller Twin Cinema, Safeway Grocery and J C Penney ads abound.

Listen for Bob Robbins!

(or download here)
Why post these commercials?  Well, they're KAAY audio history and bring back some GREAT memories!  Plus, they paid the bills to keep the station operating at 50,000 atmosphere-blistering watts!

Thanks to Greg Barman again for putting this on the blog!

Bud S. (

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Focus On The Newsmakers, 10/5/1969

Here's another one of the later Focus On The Newsmakers, with Frank Woods.  There is the great Marines PSA, then Jonnie King launches into an interview with Ken Curtis, "Festus" of the western show "Gunsmoke".  Watch your speaker level, the output changes about mid-interview!

There's more great stuff on this one- I won't give anything away, you'll have to listen, as history once again unfolded on the 5th of October, 1969:

(or download here)
Thanks again to Greg Barman for his help!

Bud S. (

Monday, May 5, 2014

More Commercials

On this tape, marked 7/24/1972, there are some ads for the (then) shocking Fritz The Cat X-rated one under 18 allowed.  They're bleeped in appropriate placed, tastefully done by the KAAY staff.

There's also ads for Gwaltny(sp?) Chevrolet...and those ads for Yes and The Eagles...check out those ticket prices!

(or download here)
By the way, name those announcers!!!

Bud S. (

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Focus On The Newsmakers 6/12/1966

Here is another early "Focus On The Newsmakers", headed up by George Jennings!  The opening PSA (Public Service Announcement) is a great studio mix, with singers and instrumentation, for getting your lights checked!  There's not much in the way of studio productions any more, what with budgets being slashed and reduced all the time and one person doing PSA's or commercials on a computer with "canned" sound effects and music....

The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled on the use and purchase of voting machines; some controversy there (what's new?).  The interview was conducted by George Jennings.

Plenty more goodies...enjoy history as it unfolded in 1966!

(or download here)

More to come..."don't touch that dial!"

Bud S. (