Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Warehouse CDs? Time Is Of The Essence!

Folks, I just checked the "A Warehouse" website and they're trying to get funding for a CD and two live CD releases...but time is of the essence!  They're taking pledges ONLY until 5:00 PM Central Time, October 18, 2011.  If they don't get pledges for $20.000, they'll stop the project.

This will be music from A Warehouse's era, 1970 to 1982.  Read about it at the link below, watch the video (look at who produced it at the end!  No, not who you think...) and help them meet their goal!

For more information about A Warehouse, you can put "Warehouse" in the upper left-hand search box and read about them in this blog and check out their main web page:

Support 'em!  They brought the acts in and advertised big time on KAAY!

Bud S. (

KAAY June 5, 1968 With Rock Robbins

With credit and thanks to Russell Wells, here is an audio offering of Rock Robbins, about mid-day...I believe this one was Tommy Riggs, but if not, someone please correct me.

This is a 'scoped studio copy, opening with " a giraffe...find out how!", which was a program where Little Rock was trying to buy one of these animals!  Does anyone remember if the giraffe got to stay?

A salutation to Ross Douglas goes out for his contributions to Little Rock.  More great commercials...hey, where did the commercials go like that 7-Up "UN-Cola" commercial?  Even back then, they were advertising returning bottles and glass, due to's not a new thing, you know!

BannerLine News with Ron Owens (Walt Sadler) at 1:30 PM....

....and those 10-year appliance warranties make me want to go to Wallach's!

(or stream/download here from the archive page)

Here's a picture of Tommy Riggs ("Rock Robbins"):

Thanks to Dave S. for the archived audio!

Bud S. (

Friday, September 23, 2011

Watch Out For Spammers! Shameful....

Someone is SHAMEFULLY sending out e-mails with "A. J. Lindsey" as the sender.  I cautiously checked the link- there was no text in the body of the e-mail- and it turned out to be an ad for Canadian Health Insurance....

Some people will stoop REALLY low to capitalize on things, such as someone you're close to.  Be careful about things like this.  I put a block on this and hope to never see it again.

Knowing that A.J. has passed on, I was somewhat cautious that maybe someone, maybe family, had finally gotten into his accounts and hopefully NOT exploited them.  At the best, I'd maybe thought that some more material would be revealed; at the worst, I figured someone was trying to "hook" me into something.  Sadly, the latter was true, but no harm occurred.

Just a warning, folks....

Bud S. (

Who's That Charlie King?

Hi, Bud!

I see we have a mystery on our hands concerning a Charlie King (January 3, 1969) who was NOT Charlie Scarbrough! I am stumped as well concerning this voice--woulda sworn there was only one Charlie King.

I do not believe it was Matt White (Sonny Martin III), as you can hear him and George Jennings on the Walloch's Home Furnishings commercial near the beginning of the audio.

I'm not absolutely sure, but it sounds like Ron Owens (the late Walt Sadler) doing the voiceover on the Commercial National Bank spot at about 17:45 into the audio.

This brings up what registers on me as an anomaly which I have noticed in almost every piece of audio that's been posted here on the Blog since day one. The voices are all pitched slightly higher than I remember them, which makes positive ID a little difficult for me. Maybe the pitch glitch is a product of the sampling rate during the conversion from analog to digital format. Perhaps the tape machines at 1425 West 7th were running a bit slower than standard speeds, owing to slightly low line voltage in the building. This would account for the slight speed-up when the tapes were played back on modern reproducers fed by "proper" voltage. (This would be something that Dave Montgomery would know WAY more about!)

As to the Mystery Charlie, the only guess I have is Al Eisenmann (hope that spelling is correct), who had the Doc Holiday name immediately before me in 1970. Al was an All-Purpose Radio Dude who could fill any on-air position at any time. His jingle in 1970 referred to him as "Doc Holiday, Super Sub '70." He left me with some serious shoes to fill!

Al may well have been at KAAY in 1969. And it might have been that with the arrival of Jonnie King in April of that year, Al was repositioned as Doc Holiday (we all know that there can only be one King at a time). This is a wild guess, but it makes as much sense to me as KAAY's policy of changing voices while they kept the same names. At any rate, I completely missed this Charlie King, which makes me think his tenure under that name was short-lived.

Maybe somebody has the real story on this and I will wind up looking foolish. Well, fine, It certainly won't be the first time! Meanwhile, happy sleuthing!

All The Best,
David B. Treadway
Doc Holiday VII
The Last PD

I Made The "Big Time" At The Butler Center!

Ye Olde Blog Keeper has made it in print at The Butler Center for Arkansas Studies!  I was alerted by Skip Kendel that he had received his copy of The Butler Banner and there was my ugly mug!  (My words, not his!)  It was from my visit on the last day of my vacation in Little Rock, donating materials David B. Treadway, Jerry Sims and I rescued, to the Center.  This picture was also posted in my "Trip" series and here it is, again:

I'd forgotten that I was on the mailing list and contacted Guy Lancaster (the tall guy) and he said that I was still on the list.  I receieved The Butler Banner a couple of days ago and my daughter picked it up and you should have seen her reaction!  Made me proud....

If you get the chance to visit The Butler Center, please do so and enjoy their wonderful facilities and gift shop!

Bud S. (

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Uh, Oh, A Different "Charlie King"?

Well, looks like we have a switcheroo going here, folks!  Posted back on September 14, 2011 was some 'scoped audio of an early morning "Charlie King", with Mike McCormick (Barry Wood) at the news desk.  The "real" Charlie King, Charlie Scarbrough called me a few days ago, saying it wasn't him!  His friend, and also friend of this blog, Jim Cleveland, heard it and called Charlie; he also played a bit of audio over the phone for him.  Both surmised that it was NOT Charlie Scarbrough!

One main reason was, Charlie never worked days; he worked the afternoon drive-time slot and some evenings, especially since Richard Weithan died in the National Guard accident and Charlie basically stayed in the time slot....

So, I listened and came up with a conclusion: that it definitely was NOT Charlie Scarbrough, since the voice and intonations were simply not him.  But, the more I listened, the more it sounded like Matt White to me.  I e-mailed Matt, the 3rd and current "Sonny Martin" asking if he remembered anything along this line, but have yet to hear from him.  I'd also e-mailed Dave Montgomery, who was there at the same time Matt was and am awaiting his reply, as well.  For those of you who know Matt White, please give a listen and leave a comment, please!

Thank you,

Bud S. (

KAAY June 5, 1968 With Sonny Martin

Another great offering from Russell Wells, this one of the third "Sonny Martin", who was Matt White.  This 'scoped studio copy opens with farm news by Marvin Vines, just before 6:30 AM.  Following was news with George J. Jennings, regarding the Kennedy "situation".  Clyde Clifford also reported in with an additional news report.  This was a horrible time of our country's history....

Hey, how about that '68 Mustang ad?

(or stream/download here from the archive page)

And again, here is a picture of Matt White, "Sonny Martin" in the studio:

Thanks again to Dave S. for all his hard work in archiving this audio for us to enjoy!

Bud S. (

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Don Phipps, KXLR Alumni

I heard from Don Phipps today, requesting contacts with other radio alumni:

"I worked at KXLR from 1960 through the middle of 1963. I worked with Amber Lindsey (AJ Lyons), Gary Weir (John Scott), Jerry Sims (Larry London), Hal Bray (Bob Bray), Mac Macartney, Stan Steele and several others. I also worked at KGHI, later KAJI and KBBA in Benton.

I would be interested in connecting with any of the old Disc Jockeys from the early 60’s in the Little Rock area.

Don Phipps, AKA Cliff Safer."

So, for any of you who are (alive and) mentioned in the list, or for others not mentioned but worked with Don, please get in touch with him at his e-mail address above.  Thank you!

Bud S. (

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

KAAY January 3, 1969 With Charlie King

Again, thanks to Russell Wells and Dave S., here is an early morning program by Charlie King (Charlie Scarbrough) on January 3, 1969.  It opens with COMEX News by Mike McCormick (Barry Wood) at about 6:30 AM.  It is also a studio copy, partially 'scoped and it has many of the same ads and commercials as the previously entered Ken Knight post.

The woman's Army Corps ad was well done, as were all the other commercials.  I believe Mike McCormick did some of the ads, but I cannot capture the other voice to memory right now...maybe someone else can remind us?

"Ten-Nine-Oh" identifiers, great KAAY jingles, the KAAY Mobile Cruiser and other familiar programming abound here...enjoy!

(or stream/download here from the archive page)

Here's a picture of Charlie King; this particular one is from 1966:
Bud S. (

Saturday, September 10, 2011

1967-2011: #44 And Counting...

I wanted to share this with all of my friends here at the Mighty 1090...KAAY !

Just simply go to this Link and read the Info at the Top of the Front Page:  

God Bless, and thanks to  each & everyone of you !


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

KAAY 3 January 1969 With Ken Knight (Jerry Pitcock)

Hey, dear reader and visitor!  Thanks to Russell Wells' collection, and the audio and computer wizardry of Dave S., we get to bring you yet MORE great audio!  This particular offering to follow is a studio copy of The Ken Knight Program on January 3, 1969, after 8:00 PM.  This "Ken Knight" is Jerry Pitcock, brother of Jim Pitcock, who was a "Ron Owens" while at KAAY.

It is mostly 'scoped, but the ads are intact; I believe that, due to the time period, Barry Wood, one of the "Mike McCormicks" did the voice-overs.  Hey, not on the Double Mint gum commercial, of, how long has it been since you heard THAT particular commercial, or those like it?  And fill up at the Phillips 66 dealer and you get a coupon for a free McDonald's hamburger- neat commercials!

And, how about those 69-cent B. J. Thomas records at Moses Record Shop?

One other thing that stood out were the identifications: "Kay-Why Radio", "Big Kay", etc.  Some Program Directors stood for it, others didn't, and insisted that the deejays pronounced "K-A-A-Y" clearly and distinctly.

(or stream/download from the archive page)

Here is a picture of Jerry Pitcock at about the time of this broadcast:

We certainly hope you enjoy these audio offerings and the work that goes behind them- not only back then, but at the current time as well, as we strive to obtain, download and bring to you here on this blog.  This and each of the audio entries that we will be posting are about thirty minutes in length and take up a lot of webspace.  My applause goes to Dave for all his hard work and know-how ---  we couldn't have this audio (and video, maybe to come) without him!

Bud S. (

Monday, September 5, 2011


Wow, is it Labor Day again, already?  Folks, just do a search in the upper left-hand box for "Labor Day" and you'll see all the posts about the antics that went on when KTHS becake KAAY over Labor Day weekend, 1962- plus, the audio from that time will be in there, somewhere, or you can chase some of them here:

So enjoy!

Happy Birthday, KAAY

Bud S. (

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Friend Of Charlie Scarbrough Drops By!

"Dear Bud,

I enjoy so much reading your blog on KAAY. Regarding your recent offer to pass along greetings to Charlie Scarbrough, I wish the next time you talk to him you would tell him that Skip Kendel says “HI!” Charlie and I worked together at KARN for four years in the mid-70s. Charlie did afternoon drive if I recall correctly, and I did news for KARN and the Arkansas Radio Network on the 3pm-11pm shift. It was always a joy to work with Charlie, as well as Craig O’Neil and the late Bob Harrison. I would love to see Charlie again some day. I still live in Little Rock, but I have been confined to a wheelchair the past few years and I don’t get out of the house as often as I used to.

When I started in radio at 1000 watt KWCB (now KWCK) in Searcy in 1966, I always dreamed of making it to the “big time” KAAY. The closest I came was a late evening visit once when the announcer on duty graciously let me in to visit just because I was a brother DJ. Much to my chagrin, I cannot even remember who was on duty at the Mighty 1090 that night. I just know it would have been late evening in the late 60s.

I was thrilled when I finally did make it to the “big time” at KARN/ARN in 1974. ARN shared a newsroom with KARK at that time, and I had the privilege of working alongside Roy Mitchell, Tom Bonner, Dave Woodman, Ron Gardner and many others, not to mention the great Don Corbitt and Tom Longfellow of ARN. Those were wonderful days to be in the radio/tv industry.

I left ARN to go into television at KTVE in El Dorado, and later KAIT in Jonesboro. In 1984, I left broadcasting completely to attend law school in Little Rock. I practiced law for 15 years before I was forced to take medical retirement.

Keep up the good work writing about the Mighty 1090, and we, your faithful readers, will keep on reading.

Best regards,

Skip Kendel"

Skip, is was a real pleasure hearing from you!  Thank you ever so much for your kind words.  I gave Charlie your phone number and I'm sure you guys caught up on some times past!

Folks, this blog has been a wonderful tool for getting folks back together again; I am proud to have been part of it.  The level of ACCEPTANCE from The Greats has almost been overwhelming and I have been grateful for their friendships.  I hope that this blog can rekindle friendships for a long time to come- and with YOUR help and e-mails of encouragement, information and materials, you are a part of it, too!

Keep it comin'!

Bud S. (

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tommy Riggs Pics, From Charlie Okle!

To hear stories about Tommy from Charlie Okle and others, he was definitely a prankster!  Charlie & Tommy seemed to get into some goofy stuff from time to time and these pictures of Tommy show it!  As Charlie reverently handled and showed these pictures to me, I understood the importance of their friendship.  Life often hands you many aquaintenances, but very few true friends.  I believe with all my heart that Charlie and Tommy were true friends....

Well, this picture shows Tommy cooking up his wife Stella on the stove- she must've been a character, as well!

What a dish!

Apparently, Tommy was headed somewhere with Charlie for some's Tommy in the car:

Probably looking for ads for Superballs to smash on the sidewalk....

And, finally, it looks like Tommy Riggs is whupped from a long day of fun:

Just all tuckered out...or, was he napping before going on the air?

Thanks to Charlie Okle for these candid pictures of Tommy Riggs.  May his memory last forever....

Bud S. (