Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Blog comments keep coming

It's been a while, so here goes:  Here are comments that were submitted to the blog over the past few months.  A lot of these comments were added to blog articles that are quite old, so there is no way that anyone can keep track of all new comments without a public listing like this one.

Each comment is documented with a date, the name of its sender, and a (partial) name of the post to where it was attached.    In the past, I was able to trick the Blogger interface into saving an enlarged copy of the comments so that you could read them easier, but no such luck this time --- sorry!

Since there is a significant backlog of comments, I'll do these in stages --- more to come!

Happy reading!

--Dave S.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Vivi Parker, David B. Treadway, Good Times

This is a picture of Vivi Parker and David B. Treadway, Here's her comments:

"This was in 2015- David B. Treadway and I (were) hanging with the Hippies in the Hippie Holler at the Fundraiser for The Make A Wish Foundation.  We had a grand Time.   There was food, auction, poker run and great music. David got on the stage and played (music) with a few guys. I believe around 15 thousand was raised that weekend.  It was awesome!"

Thank you, Vivi, for sharing a great memory!  I'd always said David had a heart bigger than Arkansas!  You were very fortunate to work with such a great man, "The Voice of Arkansas"!

Bud S. (