Wednesday, October 3, 2012

KAAY Bob Robbins & O'Brian With Beaker Street, October 3, 1973!

Another offering from The Wayne Moss's Bob Robbins in the half hour leading up to O'Brian and Beaker Street!  "O'Brian" was (and still is!) a friend of "Steve Scott" (Steve Morris) from that era and has been mentioned here before.  "O'Brian's" name is Mike Verdicchio, who now runs a number of very successful businesses today.

We're pleased to have both of these personalities, but ever more so for "O'Brian", because he was one of the links we were missing in the Beaker Street line-up.

Again, Greg Barman lovingly, carefully coaxed the tape through the machine to dub this over to digital format; Dave S. faithfully loaded it onto the archives for posting here, for you to enjoy, dear visitor!

Per Greg:  "Bob Robbins starting at 10:30pm, leading up to Beaker Street and 'some of that dope smokin kind of music', in Robbins's words. Then, 'Impact', a public-affairs program. Finally, Beaker Street with O'Brian, starting off with music from the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Joe Walsh, and War." 

(or download here)

I must mention here that, to the best of my recollection, several of the tapes came to us broken or had come loose from the leader; Greg Barman, having all the goods and abilities, spliced everything back together to preserve this great history.  Thank you, Greg!

And thank you Dave S. for your computer skills to bring this audio to the blog; and most of all, thanks to Wayne Moss for sharing!

Bud S. (

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