Thursday, March 28, 2013

KAAY Surveys! From David B. Treadway

Hi, Bud!

Here are some artifacts courtesy of Bob Moody, formerly of KAAY sister station WAKY in Louisville, Kentucky. WAKY (yeah, it was called "Wacky") was a Lin Broadcasting Corporation Station along with KAAY, and it was owned by Multimedia at the same time.

Bob was a tremendous help to me in launching the final Oldies format on KAAY in September of 1984, going so far as to ship a load of his personal vinyl to Little Rock--at his own expense. If that ain't respect for the Mighty 1090, I don't know what is! I also don't know how I'll ever repay him for such cavalry-to-the-rescue assistance in a desperate moment.

He says it's okay to post these surveys to the Blog, and that they are part of a larger and more wide-ranging package that he's sending to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. (What a guy, huh?) Astute readers will note that, in 1966 and '67, KAAY continued to play the big national hits but was unafraid to include the regional songs that gave the station its neighborhood appeal. Quite a difference from this Brave New 21st Century when one could drive from New York to LA and hear the same handful of songs on every station along the way, no?

Bob Moody is one more great example of the support network that KAAY was once blessed with: creative and passionate people who wanted success for our station as well as theirs. They couldn't stand the thought of us going anywhere NEAR the ditch. Some times, we didn't even have to call 'em--they just showed up. Like they KNEW...somehow.

Listeners never heard their names, but dat ole 1090 would have been a lot less Mighty without them. God bless 'em every one!

David B. Treadway
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  1. In 1972 there was a bet between KAAY and WOAI on the Arkansas-Texas game, as an extra incentive, Bob Moody and Wayne Moss had an extra bet of working the winning teams air shift and treated to a night on the town.
    Unfortunately, things didn't turn out Arkansas' way.