Thursday, August 22, 2013

VIDEO: A Visit To The Transmitter Site

Again, I apologize for not getting this on Jerry Sims and I left the McDonalds' home, we had to drive back past the KAAY transmitter site.  Jerry agreed to let me video the grounds, especially since the gate was still open and the tech was still trying to get a transmitter up and running (the newer 50 kw was down and the tech was trying, unsuccessfully, to get a back-up 5 kw running).  So, I popped in another set of batteries and jumped to the task:

You can see the decrepit state of the building even then...back in the Summer and Fall 2011 postings, there may be one or two photos where one can make out a small tree growing on top of the transmitter building.

Thanks to the late Great Jerry Sims for driving me around that day and to another Great, David B. Treadway (and son) for also spending a lot of time with me that day, both at the transmitter site and back in town at KHTV.

Bud S. (

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  1. Speaking of the transmitter... HELP !!!!!

    I can't find anyone to communicate with (like maybe Dale/Clyde) about a burning Beaker Street question.

    WHAT was the intro montage of songs Dale would play at the START of each Beaker Street in 1968?

    Specifically, part of the montage was a male singer/group singing "Candy, my vibration".... or something. Almost like Deep Purple... but it wasn't them.

    Does ANYONE on the planet know what that particular song in the intro snip was from? I can't find it anywhere... can't find a reference to it... yet I KNOW I didn't dream it... esp since I listened to Beaker Street about every night it was on in the 60s.