Friday, January 10, 2014

A Belated Happy New Year To You All!

Wow, how time flies...and it's flying faster the older I get!  It just seems a short while ago that my daughter had major surgury and that I started a second job to pay the bills that insurance didn't pick up; in reality, it's been a whole year.  Some of you, dear reader, may have read the post last year where Dave S. explained my absence from the blog.  What with 18-hour days, working 7 days a week, time is precious and I sleep when I can.  Heck, I only had five complete days off last year from both jobs.  Things ARE getting paid down, and things will get to an "old normal" again one day.  Until then, I am forging ahead, taking my vitamins and eating my spinach. 

I wanted to take time to wish you all a happy, prosperous and SAFE New Year, even though we're a few days into it.  I also wanted to thank my friends, Dave Schmidt and Greg Barman, who both have admirably picked up the reins and kept this blog alive- what a wonderful job they've done! 

Even though material continues to trickle in, we hope to continue to find more...and some has been offered and we're making arrangements to obtain same and bring it to you.  Sometimes, time and physical logistics hamper us, especially where jobs and job changes occur, but rest assured, we'll keep digging for all the material we can get! 

By the way, thanks also to David B. Treadway and Jonnie King for their continued support and contributions!  Many thanks, guys!  David's wonderful prose and Jonnie's holiday offerings make great entertainment, don't you agree?

Here's to YOU, dear reader- without YOU, we wouldn't be having this much fun bringing this blog to you!

Bud S. (

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