Friday, February 21, 2014

Tin Can Alley moves to KAAY1090 !

Great news! Barry Mac's weekly Tin Can Alley podcast/broadcast is back on the AM airways!  Barry tells us that

... starting next week, the show will go back to being shorter, inside of an hour, as it's going to be airing on a station again.  And the station this time will be...


It's rightful home, after all.  AM 1090.  Kinda what the show is about.  One of the big AMs that I grew up listening to.  My first radio job, and ended up having a 20 year association with.  And to quote John Denver, which I ordinarily would never do, "Hey, it's great to be back home again."

Tin Can Alley will appear every Saturday, 1pm, on KAAY 1090 --- check it out (either on your radio or on the podcast posted to the right of this posting) !


  1. A hint to the station for Beaker Street returning to the air from hiatus on KAAY Sunday nights? Just think... Tin Can Alley on Saturday and Beaker Street on Sunday.....that would be double awesome...

  2. Hello. I'm trying to contact the person who puts this blog together for a book project on KAAY, and I don't see an email on here. Any help any of you could give me would be most appreciated.
    Rich Shumate

  3. I listened to the show this past Saturday (March 1st) while driving back from Little Rock to Hot Springs. I enjoyed the music and the old radio spots!

    Pat O.
    Hot Springs, Arkansas

  4. I used to sit on tin can alley and listen to wls in Chicago with you Barry! Many good times! love to hear you are keeping that great music alive and well in Arkansas. Cant wait to come back home and hear your show! Tony W

  5. Trying to locate who does Tin can alley to air it on my little mighty station in Iowa. email me at