Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Ladies And Gentlemen...BOOOOM!...Steve Scott!" "K-A-A-Y!!!"

Steve Morris, a.k.a "Steve Scott", has blessed me with several stories and pictures and graced my Amateur Radio "tailgater" ("The Satsuma 'Tail-Gator", held twice a year in Satsuma, AL, "'Gator Country!"), an outdoor swapfest and electronic flea market.  Such a great gentleman, he is also one of The Greats of KAAY!  Steve has been in communications in one form or another for a long time and is an avid Morse Code enthusiast on Amateur Radio.  I was never able to really master "the code", rather stayed with voice communications...but there's always the interest...

Nonetheless, Steve has been mentioned several times here on this blog, sharing stories with us.  Once, when Steve came by my swapfest, he brought a photo album...and I almost went into a running fit when I saw what was in it!  So, I want to share with you (in no certain order) what Steve shared with me!

The following letter, signed by Wayne Moss and dated April 10, 1974, is an acceptance of Steve's employment with KAAY:

Steve told me that Wayne once told him, as he got started on the station, that he had the whole world listening to the 50,000-watt station...Steve said it sobered him a little....!!!

Coming up is a picture of Steve and Bill Jackson, who was a "Ken Knight" at the time; Steve has mentioned Bill Jackson can put Bill's name in the upper left-hand search box for more posts.  So what we have here is a night-time shot of Steve and Bill at a concert in 1974 shortly after he came to KAAY, at UALR (University of Arkansas at Little Rock); Steve is sporting a shirt from a local band called, "River City".

Keep tuned for more of Steve's pictures!

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