Thursday, September 4, 2014

The KAAY M-Squad!

Here, I believe, is the original line-up of deejays of KAAY in 1962- "The M-Squad"!

Dub Murray was "Doc Holiday", Jim Hankins was "Mike McCormick, Wayne Moss was "Sonny Martin", Tom Bigby was "Buddy Karr", Tom Campbell was "Rob Robbins" and Howard Watson was "Ken Knight".

After a short time, the players changed a bit; A. J. Lindsey became "Doc Holiday" and Jerry Sims became "Sonny Martin".  I can't remember if there were any more immediate changes....

I wish I had pictures of ALL of them, but at least here are some pictures of Dub Murray,  Jim Hankins,a picture of a Silver Dollar Survey recording (with A.J. as "Doc Holiday") and Wayne Moss:

Yes, indeed, 1962 was an exciting year in Little Rock history...and, later, for the United States...please stay tuned!

Bud S. (

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