Monday, January 12, 2015

Beaker Street 4/13/1971 Part A

And we continue with Clyde Clifford and Beaker Street into 1971!  We thought it was high time (no pun intended!) that we brought back some post from A. J. Lindsey's blog (  When we got this blog going, I thought it was too early to reproduce any postings from A. J.'s blog, because it might produce boring repetition.  Now, seemingly, this blog is in the forefront and it has been several years since many of us found his blog- and it has been seven years for me personally, that I've contributed to it.

Thanks to computer guru and professor Dave Schmidt, and his love for the station, he was able to capture what we needed before the players "broke" on A. J.'s blog; there is still some active players there, but you have to dig for the link.  However, through Dave's computer knowhow and Greg Barman's audio and computer expertise, these recordings come back to life!

I cannot tell you how much I depend on these guys- they have been a Godsend to me and us KAAY/Beaker Street enthusiasts.  David B. Treadway (who I call "The Voice Of Arkansas") once said, that the guy behind the mic gets all the credit- or the blame- but it's the people in the background who are the real thank you, Dave and Greg!

ONWARD!  The audio came to us in three parts, so we'll present them as such.  I forget the original presenter, so, if you recognize this, please leave us a comment- we are thankful for each and every aircheck and studio copy that comes our way!

Next, Part B!

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  1. Love listening to these late at night... Thanks.

  2. Clyde Clifford. It's "Beaker St.", allegedly from New Year's Eve, 1971.