Monday, April 13, 2015

Beaker Street & Beaker Theater - 4/13/71

Before we move on to the final airchecks in our Beaker Street series, we're going to take a step back for this aircheck because it contains a full Beaker Theater episode.

Beaker Theater ran at 2:00am right after Beaker Street, with double-features on the weekends.   A telescoped version of this aircheck has appeared earlier.  This recording with a full-length Beaker Theater is courtesy of Kenneth Hawkins, and we thank Kenneth very much for sharing it.   After 37 minutes of Beaker Street music, then Clyde's newscast, it's "The Geneva Mystery, Part 1" from the BBC on Beaker Theater.  From April 13, 1971:

Coming soon....the end of Beaker Street.  And, it's reappearance.

Greg Barman


  1. I'm positive I listened to this as it originally was broadcast in the day.
    Awesome program.

  2. This seems to be Part D of the 4/13/71 "Beaker Street" show, as it has some overlap of Part C. I figure if all four parts are concatenated, with overlaps edited out, then you've got a 3½-hour-long aircheck, which includes the entire "Beaker Street" show, the news at the end of the show, "Beaker Street Theatre," and Santana's "Black Magic Woman" concluding this awesome aircheck.

    Part A:

    Part B:

    Part C:

    Part D: