Monday, January 11, 2016

Don Marcus, overnight on June 2, 1974

Here is an aircheck of Don Marcus, reposted from an entry in 2010.  Whenever I’m up late at night, remembering how cool it was to receive KAAY on the skywave in the Midwest, I especially recall this aircheck.

This is from the overnight of June 2, 1974, 3:30-4:30am, as KAAY’s booming signal was heard in Evanston IL, in suburban Chicago.  A downright awesome signal at times, as you’ll hear.  Note the “greetings to the Great South” and “greetings to Cuba” promos, and the News IQ contest promo, voiced by what sounds like Lyle Dean from WLS.   Answer the News IQ questions and you win $10.90!  With inflation, I figure that’s about $52.50 in today’s dollars. 

As for the mysterious Don Marcus, here is more information on him.

We have been unable to find out anything about his whereabouts after leaving KAAY.

Greg Barman

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