Monday, October 24, 2016

Phil North from April 17, 1971 - repost

During the earlier days of this Blog there were many airchecks posted and stored on the Podmatic servers.  But gradually some of those audios are disappearing from Podmatic.  We plan to repost some of them so as not to lose them, and in some cases see if we can improve the quality.

Here is an untelescoped aircheck of Phil North, aka Eric Chase, posted in 2010.  The original posting puts the date as Wednesday April 14, 1971.  But based on the comments in the aircheck, it sounds to me like the date is more likely Saturday morning, April 17 1971.  It's a weekend morning show where Phil is subbing for Sonny Martin, and Holiday does the news.  The original aircheck was noticeably slow, and it is corrected here for speed/pitch and levels.

It's pretty funny when the intro to the news gets messed up, and Phil and Holiday try to talk their way out of it.

Greg Barman

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