Saturday, February 24, 2018

Staunch Allies Get A Shout Out. (David B. Treadway on Facebook)

KAAY's night signal rolled right over Satsuma, Alabama, where it swept a young Bud Stacey into the ozone. I never knew he was out there until years after the station was sold away to the Christians. He and some friends put an excellent blog on the 'net, entitled mighty1090kaay (link below).  (David B. inserted a link to our blog in his Facebook post- thanks, David B.!  bs)

If you're still a fan of the station, I highly recommend you give this blog some of your spare time!

It's done from a listener's viewpoint, though insiders check in from time to time. It gives a perspective that we did not get on the air--and it's got everything about the station. It also links back to the late AJ Lindsey's (Doc Holiday #2) blog, which is another treasure in itself.

Very belated thanks to Bud, Greg Barman and Dave Schmidt and all others who are keeping the legend alive.


  1. Is KAAY going to broadcast music from the 60's and 70's now considered oldies, again? Is it back up to it's 50 KW original coverage area?
    KAAY was my favorite radio station when I was growing up in the late 60's and early 70's. I used to listen to it at night on my little transistor radio. I remember listening until I fell asleep in my tent in Doolittle Missouri when I did a back yard campouts.

  2. They should since a lot of the religious blocks have left the station over the years. Have heard talk from different sources that the decision was made to restore the signal and the transmitter facilities was the company may plan to sell the station. It cost more money to restore the signal than the station bills every year. After all the transmitter facilities were neglected for many years and all of a sudden they are sinking money into the station.

  3. I encourage readers of this blog to check out the Beaker Street/Clyde Clifford page on Facebook. (I also encourage Facebook readers to check out this blog.) They make good companions

  4. Is there any e-mail address for Clyde? I have some questions about bands he played that are hard to locate. Cool to hear that Bud S used to listen in Satsuma. I was listening in Mobile. Later, had a spot on Friday nights at S[ring Hill college's radio station (WHIL-FM) as a DJ on Sounds of the Classics - a classical music program. The station had a mighty 10 watts of power. It is now the npr affiliate in Mobile.