Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beaker Street With Tom Roberts, April 1971

Here you go, all you Beaker Street fans!  Partially 'scoped, the opening captures some classic Gary Gears jingles in the beginning.  This recording seems to have been taped off the air, with a tape recorder and mic (due to some extraneous noise), the signal was very strong at times...there were periods of atmospheric fade, with some slight noise present in quiet periods of the recording.  The area where received and taped is not known, but it is remeniscent of other nostalgic DX off-air recordings....

There was mention of a February 18th concert, a January 1st concert, et al, late in the recording...maybe this is a montage of different nights?  The recording came to us listed as April 1971....

Somewhere, I remember a very short clip posted of Tom Roberts on A. J. Lindsey's blog, November 21, 2008, but the players are broken.  The recording I remembered was just a few seconds; we may revisit Tom Roberts and get that little snippet here sometime in the future.  It is a real pleasure to get this recording from Russell Wells and his collection!

We have virtually no history of Tom Roberts; can someone come forward and let us in on some history, please?

(or download here)

Thanks to Russell Wells; also to Dave S. for doing the audio honors!

Bud S. (

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  1. Tom Roberts was KAAY Engineer Tom Rusk. Tom took over Beaker Street when Clyde Clifford moved to the new KLAZ. Beaker Street originated from the KAAY transmitter and Tom was the only potential jock with the First Class license that was needed to operate the transmitter.

    I don't know how long Tom did Beaker Street or if anyone else did the show from the transmitter site.