Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"More Hit Music, With J. J. Stone!" KAAY, April 11, 1973

Thanks to our good friend Russell Wells, here is J. J. Stone!  Opening with a classic Gary Gears jingle, we're off into a Easter season broadcast on a Wednesday.  J. J. Stone was at KAAY when Wayne Moss was Operations Manager.  Judging from the date, I was still in the 8th grade....

No 'scoping here --- just great memories and songs.  No jammed and crammed commercials, very professionally done.  This is the first and only recording I know of with J. J. Stone, so it was a real thrill when I found it!

Thirty-nine years later, we're able to bring this to you, sounding as good as you can imagine!  It is unknown if this was a studio recording or a close-in aircheck...happy anniversary, J. J. Stone!

(or download here)

(I'll have to ask Wayne Moss next time I call him, but does anyone have any idea who J. J. Stone was, or where he is today, please? Thanks! Bud)

Much thanks to Russell Wells for this rare donation of audio and to Dave S. for audio archival linkage!

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  1. If you go to the newscast about 21:43 in, you'll hear a Jack Lee newscast (Gary Souheaver, (pronounced "sai-ver" and a short news interview of Vice President Spiro Agnew by Michael O'Sullivan (Bob Steele).I don't recall much about "JJ".... Regards, Dave Montgomery

  2. This was most certainly an "off the air" recording, and one of my favorites. Loved the 'torn in half' weather bit - a good save, demonstrating how important it was to think quickly on your feet in a gig like that.


  3. This was most certainly a recording off the air, and it's one of my favorites. Love the "torn in half" weather break -- a good example of thinking quickly on ones' feet, a good ability to have in big-time radio!