Monday, June 11, 2012

Catt And I

Catt Sirten grew up in Nashville, TN, so didn't listen to KAAY, as he was out of the main lobes of transmission, but he was aware of the Mighty 1090.  However, I have listened to Catt for many, many years on various radio stations around Mobile, AL.  His programs, Sunday Jazz Brunch (8AM-2PM Central Time) and Radio Avalon (weeknights, 10PM-12 Midnight Central Time) are reminiscent of Clyde Clifford's Beaker Street- in a jazzy sort of way.  Catt programs some of the most eclectic jazz around, from classic, to worldbeat, to fusion, to trance and everything in between, with some nice big band mixed in!

Catt told me that he is one of two people who are privileged to have radio shows of this sort (the other guy, I forget his name, is in California; Catt says his show is much bigger, but I can't see how- Catt's is pretty awesome!!! bs).  Catt is now working for WZEW, where these programs originate.  Other stations he's worked at (not in any particular order) are WERC, Birmingham, AL; WFBQ, Indianapolis, IN; WPFM, Panama City, FL; WMXC, Mobile, AL (who is airing their own Sunday jazz show since Catt left); WHMD, Hammond, LA; WTKX, Pensacola, FL; WCGQ, Columbus, GA; WAAY, Huntsville, AL; WHIL, Mobile, AL; WMSL, Decatur, AL; and the World Space Studios, Phoenix, AZ.

Catt's other observations: "Stuart McRae was a program director in Lafayette, IN (WXUS, when I was in Indianapolis.  He became the first program director of WZEW when they changed from gospel to hard rock in December of 1981 (I believe).  I also believe that Dick Downes was once program director of WZEW."

(Don Payne was also at WXUS, hired by Stuart

I have been able to visit with Catt numerous times when he was on remote at locations here in and around Mobile; the picture above is of he and I at one of my favorite restaurants, Pintoli's Italian Cafe, just minutes from my home here in Satsuma, AL!

Catt does a remote once a month at Pintoli's and is well-received by the local clientele- in fact, many people travel to Pintoli's for their new brunch menu, and enjoy jazz while they partake of the cafe's geniune Italian cuisine.  Catt has graciously taken time in-between sets to talk with me, to share history and just to generally gab about many things in general.  After listening to him for so many years, I feel like he's family!  He really likes to hear from listeners- it spurs him on to find the most unique, tasty music to share!  To say he gets excited that someone listens is an understatement!

So, here's to another Great of radio, who's paths has crossed with people we know; it seems to me the radio business is a small, close-knit society, but that's my opinion.  There are a few lucky souls who get that gig, doing what they love- Catt Sirten is one of those blessed people and we're blessed to enjoy his programming.

For your listening pleasure, see the link in the right-hand sidebar, or click here:

Click on the "about radio avalon" tab for the podcasts and enjoy!

Thanks to Catt Sirten for being a friend of this blog!

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