Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Habana Fan Club Reply Letter

Dear reader and visitor, we take/took it for granted that we could hear radio stations (and enjoy other media) without fear of reprisal.  The letters Wayne Moss has so graciously shared with us and posted here reflect the zeal others outside the United States had for listening to such programming- especially that of KAAY and Beaker Street.

You've seen the previous Habana Club Fan Letter, then KAAY's response letter...and here's the Club's "thank you" letter.  I tried to scan it in with the correct colors, but something was "lost in the translation"...the stamp was supposed to be brown!  Nonetheless, here is the letter, edited again of course, of the Club president who was apparently overjoyed at KAAY's responding to his letter (actually, there were two identical letters mailed at different times- only one was posted beforehand):

Should we here in the most free country in the world actually realize the privileges we have- and that we should have as much zeal for those freedoms we take so lightly!  More letters from Cuban listeners will be posted, as we have space and time...these letters are wonderful history and a testamant that KAAY put a monstrously BIG K signal 'way ouside our borders!

By the way, do any of you out there remember "onion paper"?  And Air Mail envelopes?  Very thin, very light, as postage between countries could be very costly...and these wonderful Cuban listeners were spending hard-earned wages to write to and follow our beloved KAAY!  Many of these letters sent to me by Wayne are of this, stand by, don't touch that dial, more are to come!

Bud S. (

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