Friday, August 31, 2012

Cuban Letter Interpretation, By Friend Thom Whetston

From one of our blog friends, Thom Whetston, of the AFRTS Archive (see the link under Mighty 1090's Friends on the right), here is a note for the interpretation of a previous letter from Cuba:

"Hi Bud:

This is rough, but it’s pretty much what the Cuban was saying in his letter on your blog:

Havana 12 March 1974

I'm one of the listeners of KAAY and Beeker St. For me this is the best program in the world with a high musical quality.

From the musical interpretations I prefer Rare Earth and Alice Cooper.

I'm also addicted to the music of Grand Funk and Led Zepplin.

I'd like to give you a list of my favorite groups:

Led Zepplin
Grand Funk
Alice Cooper
Rare Earth

I'd really like an Alice Cooper poster."

It looks like in the other Cuban letter, the writer mentioned posters for Jimi Hendrix, Santana and Black Sabbath....

Thanks, Thom!  I've lost the ability to read & speak Spanish, since I never use it any more.  And be sure to visit Thom's fine blog, regarding the history of the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service, he has plenty of studio-quality audio there, of those who served and aired great music and programs to our armed forces all over the world.  We salute you, Thom, for your service and those who served!

Bud S. (

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