Thursday, September 6, 2012

Eric Thomas, KAAY, September 6, 1981

Eric Thomas seems to be everywhere!  Here he is on the "graveyard shift".  The first time mentioned was "12:02" and then "12:06 Sunday morning", where he was covering the shift until 5:30 AM.  There was also mention that this was the Labor Day Weekend.

Temperatures seem a little milder, where he reported 69 degrees at the Capital Building.  Another 'scoped studio copy; nonetheless, more great memories one could have heard via skywave (if one would have been awake!)....

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And this Labor Day, it is good to mention that KAAY was born FIFTY YEARS AGO!  Happy Birthday KAAY!

Thanks again to Dave S. for the great work he does, and to Russell Wells for sharing on this momentous occasion!

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