Monday, November 26, 2012

Nice Cuban Letter From 1974

As far as I know, this is the last of the letters Wayne Moss sent to share for you to enjoy.

These letters have been but a very tiny representation of what KAAY received; it is sure that many probably never made it to a file, or museum, or archive, or anywhere else safe, after they were read.  For those who worked (should I say that word, since so many had FUN at KAAY?) the night shifts, from the time that great figure-eight signal got switched on in the evening, until it was switched off in the morning, we all say "Thank you!", from all those places mentioned by Gary Gears ("Hello QSLers!...").  Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama, Bahamas, United States, Canada, England- the list is so long and KAAY's influence was so LARGE!  There is no way to fully comprehend how many people heard the station!  Clyde Clifford, Don Payne, Stuart (McRae), Eric Thomas, Johnny King, Don Marcus, David B. Treadway, Mark Larsen and many, many more night-time deejays we love, and loved listening to, made up this wonderful era.  May their voices echo forever on the Skywave (as David B. called it!).

With the exception of a couple of empty envelopes that didn't contain their original letters, that's all we have to offer from Wayne Moss.  A tip o' the hat to you, Wayne, for sharing this wonderful packet of history!

Bud S. (

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