Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Something Higher Than Me"

Folks, I was pleased to receive from Vicki Worthington, a friend of this blog, the book Nick St. John wrote of himself regarding some life experiences while a deejay (and other things) in the southeast Texas markets.


Vicki pointed out the tie we have with Texas through George J. Jennings, who worked in Texas after leaving KAAY and Arkansas, and was very influential in getting Clear Channel in those markets.  I have contacted WOAI, the last station he worked with, to get them to make mention of George and his contributions to the industry there, but there seems to be some resistance- this was confirmed by blog friend Paul Kirby, who checks in now and again- but that's all we'll say about it.

OK, off that rabbit trail...the proceeds from Nick St. John's book go to support Alcoholics Anonymous and Club 12; it is a pretty good read and I've read it a couple of times over.  Sad to say, Nick is no longer with us, but through his book he gives a very humbling view of his life, from the highs to lows and back again.

Buy the book, support the cause of helping someone out of their addiction...many thanks to Vicki Worthington for her work in getting Nick's book to market and to Paul Kirby for his promotion of same.

Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)

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