Thursday, February 28, 2013

"BIG K" Retro Post!

You've heard it, possibly during the Barry Mac shows, possibly on the Timeless Tracks post, but here it is all by itself!  The folks at KAAY constantly worked with new ideas and technology to bring catchy announcements, station i.d.'s, commercials and what-have-you to keep the listener glued to 1090!  This is one of the fun things they did:

(or download here)

Much of this stuff was done with NO synthesizers and all by analog means- NOT digitally!  These radio pioneers were 'way ahead of their time and other radio stations could only HOPE to get near their competitive and genius level!

Bud S. (


  1. The stuff that Barry has in from the early 70's. For example is the ones where KAAY says the music is on us. Or "KAAY in the River City." He recently found some more @ the transmitter building and those can be heard on Tin Can Alley.

  2. The device do do "Big K" was a Sonovox.

    Here is a url where it was used in 1940: