Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Retro: Silver Dollar Survey Jingle!

You've seen several Silver Dollar Surveys we've been able to bring you here, but we realized we had a jingle in the archive we could bring you!  Again, in A. J. "Doc Holiday" Lindsey's own words:

"Mike McCormick A/K/A, Jim Hankins, originated the original KAAY, Big Kay, Friendly Giant, Mighty 1090, jingles and "sound" of KAAY. This Jingle is a very early KAAY jingle that mentions the Silver Dollar Survey shown in earlier posts. It also mentions the friendly giant and the logo line K A A Y, Tune Ten Ninety. In later years the word "tune" was dropped, but for several years it served the purpose of establishing a logo that listeners could and would sing any time they saw the mobile unit on the streets. Click the link and enjoy a 1963 jingle."

And it sounds great, too, almost stereo-like!

(or download here)

I'd like to thank Dave S. for his keen eye and reminding me these were out there!  We hope to bring you more Retro as we find it!

Bud S. (

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