Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Sad Anniversary....

Thanks to Doug Virden for the a matter of history, some would like to revisit and experience The Last Day's audio.  We did it in two parts back in April 2010, so we'll revisit it here.  Barry McCorkindale ("Barry Mac"), who is the originator of "Tin Can Alley", and David B. Treadway (whom I call The Voice of Arkansas on U S 97) both wrote their own version of that day.  Even though memories grow fuzzy over the years, these are still deeply personal and moving comments by what they remember.

Part one:

...and part two:

There were still bits & pieces of audio we gleaned from A.J. Lindsey's blog from that day; they can all be found below, in one bite...just follow this link and scroll through the many, many posts we had regarding that sad day:

There are still sentiments of those who wish KAAY to return to her former glory; unfortunately, I doubt that will happen, even though many of us have fantasized about buying her for pennies on the dollar and resurrecting her.  Even the late, great Jerry Sims ("Sonny Martin II") expressed his desire to do so.  Nonetheless, when I saw consolidation take place a couple of decades ago, I shook my head and acknowledged that it was the death knell for radio as we knew it.

At times, I have to travel with one of my jobs (I have two, by the way, one full-time and one part-time); I constantly scan/seek and manually tune the AM dial.  I have found that there are STILL home-owned, mom 'n' pop stations and groups out there who have not succumbed to the  lure of the conglomeration giants.  My hat is off to them.  I, as well as many I am sure, wish that KAAY had not gone the way it had, but at least it does have Christian programming and not some of the garbage found out there.

Yes, yes, I know, that may be an unpopular statement on my part, but if you think about it, there's not much "out there" worth listening to.  I also scan the FM band and all the stations sound alike: the same country & western, the same rap, the same rock (of many genres)...and, yes, the same conservative talk, as stations take on either this or that group.  To be sure, the locally-owned stations DO have their own local talk show hosts in several slots during the day, and that's refreshing.  Even though KAAY has wound up to be a "tool" of a media conglomerate, at least she's broadcasting "the good news"....and not broadcasting cop-killer rap.

I know, it's time I get off my soapbox...for let's go back in time (after men graduated FROM troglodites!) and revisit that Last Day....

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  1. The most upsetting thing about this is the way the current owners have treated the station. The station that could be reached in lots of states and some foreign countries now hardly reaches 30 min. outside the LR metro area. There are other comments on the KAAY facebook page as well as mine and Barry Mac's page too.