Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jonnie King Shares An E-mail

Hi, Bud!

Just got this eMail and wanted to share it with you ! Just so excited that this GREAT listener found my Website and got to re-live a part of our KAAY History !

Feel free to Post this if you want...and I'll have something very cool to share next week !

BTW: In that photo you have of Walt Sadler (Ron Owens) by the KAAY Funmobile, that's Matt White (Sonny Martin) looking over his shoulder...wearing sun glasses. AND, it's definetely a Summer '69 photo !

Here's how that went down: I had just gotten there April 21st, as you may remember, and so I know the info well as the Album they were giving away was "Johnny Cash At San Quentin"...and the #1 Single out of it that we were playing was "A Boy Named Sue" had first hit the Billboard Chart on July 26, 1969, but we had played it l-o-n-g before that !

All the best to you, Bud !


eMail from Alfred Mussert:

" Dear Jonnie,

Me and my friends used to listen to you on KAAY in 1969-70 from Havana Cuba. I was 18 or 19 at the time. Many of us were never into Cuban music had developed a habit of listening to WQAM (Miami) during the day and to KAAY from Little Rock in the evenings. We all listened to WQAM from 1963 on.

KAAY became the main attraction in the evenings as soon as we discovered the Beaker St show. (also because of its powerful signal) I bet you guys never knew you had fans in Cuba !

Yes, we were quite a group of anti-communist "misfits" in that weird environment back then. The ones among us who spoke English had to translate for the ones who didn't. I used to record a lot of music off the air, using my dad's reel to reel recorder and then play it back at our little dance parties on Friday or Saturday nights.

Many thanks for making these pages available and with so much info. I never dreamed I would some day be able to see what you looked like.

I really miss those years just like you do. You should know that in 1969-70 KAAY was as powerful or more than the local Havana radio stations, and we were with you every night !

Alfred Mussert"

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  1. Yeah I remember too this great station in my early age in Havana Cuba during the late 70s and early 80s what a beautiful time enjoying with my friends walking by the street in the Cuban Times Square 23 and L Vedado listening in a russian radio those hits every night it was a great experience and memory I will never forget