Wednesday, June 12, 2013

KAAY: Beaker Street/Beaker Theater, Ken Knight, Dec. 1974

Here is the second aircheck that  our very own Greg Barman sent to A. J. back in 2006, as promised:

"The second aircheck is with Ken Knight, from December 1974. Note the Spanish ID and 'Greetings QSLers', the ad for a hard rockin' local band, and the intro for Beaker Theater."

---Greg Barman, Dec 21, 2006

Wow, what memories!  Thanks to Greg Barman for his original contribution!

(or download here)
Bud S. (


  1. What TRULY fond memories this clip brings!
    It gives me goose bumps.
    Do you think that some day a compilation of Beeker
    Street and Beeker Theater recordings will be
    assembled? I could listen forever.
    We're all getting older and seek remembrances of
    our youth. This is one of mine. A BIG one.

  2. Used to listen to KAAY at night 1000 miles away in Minnesota. Would like to know which radio plays were used for the theater.
    Found one Old Time Radio "X Minus One" episode "Junkyard".
    Landed on a planet that stole memories. Could not remember to take off. reassembled engine to be more efficient and had leftover parts added to the Junkyard.

  3. I to am from minnesota and loved beaker street and theater..this was one am station that beat any fm station today...great memories

  4. Minnesota here too! Loved beaker theater!

  5. Monroe,LA I used to live for this program. Me and a bunch of my 'ner do well compatriots would way out in the sticks with a bonfire and other illeagal substances. Sometimes 2 or 3 radios going. Thanks KAAY.

  6. Discovered Beaker Street and KAAY at summer camp (Episcopal/Bratton-Green) outside of Canton, Mississippi. Having only listened to Top-40 stations, I was shocked at what I heard...but I knew I liked it! Can still remember "(I know) I'm Losing You" by the Faces (Rod Stewart) echoing over three radios in Cabin B at 3am. When I got home (Hattiesburg, MS), I scored major "cool points" by introducing Beaker Street to all my friends. Totally changed our taste in music and Top-40 radio lost all luster!