Monday, June 3, 2013

KAAY: The Blue Goose, Timeless Tracks Tribute

We've mentioned The Blue Goose here before, after I was priviledged to visit Little Rock awhile back.  Jerry Sims and David B. Treadway and I met at the KTHV television studios and Jerry posed on the stairwell in front of where The Blue Goose WAS; I used it to sketch what was in my mind's eye and I posted it on this blog, as well.  Timeless Tracks' audio was taken and Greg Barman, our ever-faithful audio technician, pieced what we were able to find and made about a 45-minute audio bed, which we also posted on this blog.  Please put "Blue Goose" in the upper left-hand corner to search these, in A. J.'s original words from his blog:

"From the Timeless Tracks broadcast here is a discussion of The Blue Goose and more:

The original Blue Goose was at 8th and Izard across the street from KTHV.KAAY, at that time was located on the 2nd floor of the Channel 11 building. Howard Watson, known as Ken Knight on KAAY started referring to the "elegantly appointed Blue Goose". He built on this illusion for the listeners by describing the LR elite arriving for the floor show.Night after night to 40 states and 19 foreign countries he painted a vivid picture of a great night club with floor shows and all the trappings. Of course locals knew there were only two tables in the Blue Goose and those were usually taken by George Moore or other KTHV celebrities. The bar-b-que was great and the beer coldest in town.  One evening a couple appeared at the door looking quite bewildered and lost. Come to find out they were from Wisconsin and had called trying to make reservations for the floor show. Of course the Blue Goose owner and help were completely oblivious to all that was going on. By propping open the control room door and looking out the windowed stairway, "the weird beard" could see all that was going on and verbally fantasize even more."

--_A.J. Lindsey, Feb 22, 2008

(or download here)
Tony Warner was the host of Timeless Tracks; I envy him holding court with all these Greats of KAAY!  I'll bet it was wild in that studio that day!

(Later, after we had posted the 45-minute version, Charlie Scarbrough ("Charlie King") had found the full, 4 CD version of the show and sent it to me!  It, too, is in safe storage...)

Thanks to Dave S., to Tony Warner and to Charlie Scarbrough, all 'round, for your contributions!

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