Thursday, October 3, 2013

KAAY - Jennings subs for Martin, Feb 12, 1972.

This was an unusual morning on the Big K.  Sonny Martin was apparently "under the weather" on this particular day and George Jennings got behind the jock mic and hosted the morning show.  It's not easy to switch from being Mr. News Voice of Authority and sidekick, to being Mr. Morning Sunshine & Entertainment and oh by the way which button do I push to start the next song?  But he got the job done, and he got to play a record that he considered his kind of music.  While Jennings subbed for Martin, Doc Holiday pitched in for Jennings on the news.  Then Holiday took over the mic at 9:00am. 

This untelescoped aircheck runs from 8:21am to 9:07am.  It's another great contribution from the Gary Pfeifer collection. 

Greg Barman

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  1. Thanks for another great unscoped 'check!