Monday, September 30, 2013

New Jonnie King Photo!

Once again, history is uncovered!  Jonnie King sent in a picture of himself...well, let me allow him to describe it:

"Hi Bud !

Hope you are okay and can get some rest occasionally ! I found this photo and thought you might like to Post it when you have time.

It's at my apartment which was 2200 Louisianna (the corner of 22nd & Louisianna) in L.R. I lived there for 3 1/2 years...the entire time I worked at KAAY.

The attached photo is myself (on the left), and 2 members of a then-new St. Louis group called "The Murge"...headed by my old St. Louis friend, Steve Cummings (Steve Cummings & The Classmen with Gayle McCormick).

I am not sure of the names of the 2 guys in the pic...but they were nice. The date of the photo was Friday, April 3, 1970.

(NOTE: The apartment I lived in had just been built around 1968 when I moved in May 2, 1969. It was a nice/clean/new one-bedroom apartment, completely furnished, air-conditioned, dish washer, garbage disposal, panelled walls. Water, Electricity & Gas were also included in the rent. What was the rent ? $135.00 per month !!)

The name of the Apartments were "The Jo-Mar Apartments". The manager at the time was Jerry Boyd, and his wife Sandy. Great friends...and, Jerry was also from St. Louis, like myself. And the $135.00 rent was not raised in all of the time I was there !!!

All the best to you and yours, Bud !"
Thank you, Jonnie!  Here's the photo:

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