Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tin Can Alley is on the airwaves!

Regular readers of this blog know that each week, Barry Mac prepares a fresh episode of his 70's oldies show, Tin Can Alley, for our enjoyment.   You can always find this week's episode in the right column, ready to go!  And if one hour's worth of 70's oldies bliss isn't enough, there
are over two years' worth of episodes at the T.C.A. archive at !

Now, we are pleased to announce that listeners in the Little Rock area can hear T.C.A. on the airwaves each Saturday morning!  According to Barry,

it's currently airing Saturday mornings on KEWI, 690 AM, out of Benton, AR, 8:00-9:00am.  Hopefully, it'll be on 103.3 FM in the next few weeks, as they're supposed to be getting onto that frequency as well.  But there's been some of that talk for awhile, so we'll wait and see.
Congratulations, Barry, on your move to the airwaves!

---Dave S.

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