Friday, December 27, 2013

KAAY - Holiday in mid-1976, received in Missouri

This is an after-Xmas treat from Pat O'Brien of KQUS-FM/US97 in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Here are several sets of Holiday (is that David B. Treadway?) on KAAY, captured on a cassette tape over several nights in mid-1976, it's all DX reception in Missouri.   Thank you, Pat!

Greg Barman


  1. My goodness. Those jingles are amazing. Very TM sounding, despite KAAY still using the P-A-M-S sig (That ended when Multimedia bought it, am I correct?). And it does sound like the dulcet tones of DBT.

  2. Very cool... thanks!

  3. Reminds me of my first "DX" reception of KAAY when visiting my grandmother in NW Arkansas (Berryville) back in 1976. Fun being able to hear KAAY at night near the Missouri border and a gateway to a hobby of DXing that has lasted to this day. BTW, the only "rock" one could hear that part of the world with a decent signal was the old KWTO-FM 98.7 "Rock 99" which was automated (TM Stereo Rock format) just like the old pre-1977 KKYK 104 (103.7).