Monday, December 16, 2013

KAAY - Wayne Moss on September 24, 1971

"50,000 Watts of Hog-Calling Power!"

I think that's a fitting description of this final aircheck from the Wayne Moss Collection #2.  The date is Friday, September 24, 1971, one day before Arkansas plays Tulsa in Fayetteville.  "Beat Tulsa" is the theme of the day, Wayne Moss is pumping up the audience for the game and throws in a few Hog calls.  If it's not loud enough, then "I can't hear you!"

Something that's also notable on this aircheck is the countdown of the top 6 songs, just after the top of the hour ID.

Mitch Michaels provides the news.  The aircheck is telescoped, from 1:32pm to 2:28pm with one missing set of Wayne and the newscast is chopped a bit.  It sounds like the station was not tuned in on-center from :35 to around 2:40, then it's ok after that.

Thanks again to Wayne for digging up this series of airchecks and providing them to the Blog for sharing.

(Oh, the next day the Razorbacks lost to Tulsa, 21-20)

Greg Barman

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