Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Robbins Program!

Here are a couple of recordings back to back of The Robbins Show; quality of the first one isn't so good, the second is better, but both are obviously taped off-the-air.  I absolutely love the orchestral and vocal music beds, they're so classy!

Sounds like he says "Bob Robbins", not "Rob Robbins".  Still from the early days, but it could have been a different "Robbins", there were so many!

I hope you are enjoying the look back from fifty-two years ago, as I am!  This is material that Dave Schmidt, our computer guru, was able to save from A.J. Lindsey's blog before the players quit.  We'll be sharing more "retro" stuff as time goes by, to preserve the integrity of A.J.'s efforts and to fulfill our promise to do so.  To not do this would rob us all, new and old visitors and KAAY enthusiasts alike, of wonderful history....

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