Wednesday, July 1, 2015

David B. Treadway On Dr. Grady Brock

Gleaned from David B.'s Facebook page:

" Nobody Lives In Echo Canyon But My Brother."

Doctor Brock always used to bark that into the microphone when he signed off. Brock barked everything he did on the air and he was Fierce. The words above would be followed by the most unsettling "PEACE, KEMOSABEE!" I never had a clue what it meant--I just stood there and marveled at his elegance.

Word comes this morning of the passing of William Grady Brock, 66, of Pineville (assuming) Louisiana. I don't see how that could be any...body BUT my man, the Crazy Legs Doctor. I hope it was quick and I hope it was clean, the way Brock always did it. On places like WCFL Chicago, WNOE New Orleans and KAAY Little Rock.

It was one of the thousand delights of the Arabian Nights to work with Doctor Brock and be around somebody that cool after hours. He was the avalanche that walked like a man.

Damn it ALL. If you love somebody, TELL them you love them. If they squirm, so much the better. Good night, Brock, I love you."

David B., you and I are taking the words of Clyde Clifford, to tell someone that you love that you love them, because tomorrow may be too late.  Thank you, David B. Treadway, The Last Doc Holiday, The Last KAAY PD, I love you, too.

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  1. Just got word about Grady Brock. Yeah...."The ugliest moth' rock and rollllll". And your right.....the coolest cat on the box. Grew up first hearing him in Jackson Mississippi at WRBC. Grady back then used the name RICK SHANNON. Sometimes he would call himself SUPER SHANNON. No matter what name he used.....he was the BADDEST jock around. Used to love hearing him proclaim............."MY FAVORITE DISC-JOCKEY....DR. BROCK "!!
    And let me tell ya..........Grady meant every damn word of it. :) I never had the honor of meeting Grady in person over the years......talked to him a few times.
    Never will forget him sending me an email once congratulating me on a radio
    gig I had gotten. Just out of the blue.....there it radio idol wishing me well. I called him up...thanked him......we BS for about 45 mins. He was truly one of the few I respected and admired on the air. Nobody......nooooobody put there heart and soul into their radio show like this man did. Quick story.....when he was working in Jackson at WRBC....and back then ....RBC for that station stood for REBEL BROADCASTING COMPANY. The story goes that Grady (aka... RICK SHANNON).....went to the brass and pitched them on changing the Rebel Broadcasting Company name to stand for....ROCKIN' BIG CAT. (hhhaaa) Then encouraged them to put a BIG neon light of a cool looking cat on the station tower. Grady was serious as hell. (hhhaaaa) Never happened......but........that was the way old "crazy legs Doctoree" looked at it. Would have given anything to have been able to work with him. REST IN PEACE DOCTOR.....will never forget you. Brock Owen

  2. How well I remember Rick Shannon from WRBC! My friends and I thought he was SOON cool. I missed him when he left Jackson, and wondered what happened to him. Sorry to learn of his passing. RIP